Jared Kushner Meets Abbas to Discuss Palestinian State Under Future Deal


I’m thinking Kushner (and Ivanka…) are either Fake Jews or don’t know squat about Islam. Either way, this idiot is going abroad to represent the US because of nepotism. He has no qualifications and is only in the position because he is married to the President’s daughter. Kushner must go.


Kushner is a real Jew. He is a raving diehard Zionist. Don’t be fooled.


I despise Kushner. I agree with you on the issue of nepotism. Kushner’s appointment is not in the best interest of the United States. That being said, if Trump was going to appoint members of his family regardless of the nepotism issue, I would have rather had him appoint Donald Trump Jr, leaving Ivanka in charge of his businesses. As far as I can tell, Trump Jr. is a proud loyal American. He’s not all mixed up like his sister and her husband. I may be wrong, but I got that impression when he was out on the campaign trail.


And why pray tell would you leave a couple of liberals in charge of your business and take your main business heads our of the game? Trump Jr. does seem to come to Trump Srs. aid at appropriate times and with good comments. Having said that, I have always had a problem with the nepotism issue. The voters certainly didn’t elect the spouse or an adult child to be installed in power. The first lady has had considerable sway politically since Eleanor Roosevelt… and Hillary definitely proved that the first spouse should sit in a corner when she decided the she was the new speaker of the house…


Forgive me for not keeping my business hat on. Excellent point. Letting an airhead liberal run a global multi-billion dollar operation would not be a good thing for Trump’s brand, especially since it is privately controlled. No shareholders to turn the ship. I’m with you on the nepotism issue. It rubs me the wrong way. There are senior experienced people who should be charged with leading very important initiatives that represent US interests abroad. It’s not a developmental opportunity for young and inexperienced family members. My thought was, if we are stuck with a family member anyway I’d rather it be the right family member. Melania at least does seem to be taking a very traditional approach to the role of First Lady. I haven’t seen her running around starting her own initiatives.


This almost made me puke. Kushner is not a statesman. He rents out low income housing and has taken investments from Soros on more than one occasion.