Jeff sessions get ready for the voter Fraud! Wow look at this


For Christ sakes Democrats can’t you just lose and deal with it??


How many counties in California had over 100% turn out , those busy illegals ! :wink:


liberals would have been all over the Kansas vote yesterday… Kobach only won by 157 votes… They would scream voter fraud…


The headline seems worse than the story or maybe I’m just reading it wrong.

Some 670 ballots were cast, according to the Georgia secretary of state’s office, indicating a 243 percent turnout.

But on Tuesday at 10 a.m., the number of registered voters on the secretary of state’s website was changed for Mud Creek to 3,704 registered voters, reflecting a more likely turnout of about 18 percent.

Now before everybody freaks out and lectures me that voter fraud is happening and largely associated with illegals and visa overstays voting…YES I 100000% AGREE.

What I’m confused about is which data is incorrect? Was it the 243% or 18%… anyone with better reading comprehension than me?


US elections should henceforth be monitored by the UN thanks to Russia’s and Banana Republicans undermining the electoral process. Citizens cannot trust the system anymore.


Russia has not stopped interfering in our elections and using information warfare.

Russia has no intent on stopping interference and information warfare.

Russia will continue for years and years.

Congress has done nothing to stop it.

We won’t have a free and fair election.


Trump won by 78,000 votes spread out through every battleground state. They were probably hacked. Congress has done nothing to stop Russian interference and information warfare. It’s also highly probable that the midterms are fixed to favor Trump and Putin stooges.


It’s almost like we need voter ID or something. :roll_eyes:


Only evidence of Russian interference is Facebook ads lol

Ohhhh no they like trump! Haha


We need election reform before November. Federal Government Voter photo ID’s, paper ballots, US citizens only, no electronic voting, no drivers’ licenses, and DHS monitors at every voting location.


No we need to treat Democrats like nazis and end the regimes. Enough of the outrageous hateful behavior.


Is Facebook not interfering in the elections by silencing conservative opinions ? Deleting conservative sites?
Twitter? All left wing outlets


Hmmmmmm…Alex Jones…:thinking:


‘Citizens’ want to look at the entire election registration, voting and counting mechanism in detail and have for some time… seems to me that it is Democrats who are scared to death to actually create a system that doesn’t allow of voter fraud or hacking to occur… as for Russa’s new way of inducing propaganda into elections… we certianly need to look at that but make no mistake, Russia has been meddling in our elections since WWII… and the USA Communist party has never voted republican…


Georgia closing down voting precincts in predominantly black neighborhoods in the classic GOP way of trying to prevent minorities from voting a different method of voter fraud put the voters precinct where you know they can,t reach it.


Blacks voting Democrats doesn’t make to much sense to me, does it to you?


Have a source for this allegation… Were it so easily provable, it would be a pretty clear case for election watchdogs to pursue… Are they pursuing it?


you know there is voter fraud bc

We can’t beleive Trump only won by 78,000 votes

typo? should be 78 million? lol

i don’t know… Either voter fraud or… I guess not everyone in the US is smart or logical… or ethical… or American


Would you give a source for that 78 million… I don’t recall seeing it anywhere.


Kids…please never smoke crack…:laughing: