Jewish Hypocrites: How Dare You Criticise Poland?


So…the Polish have basically elected epic shitposters?


Never thought of it like that before but I guess so




Polish assimilated Jew Antoni Słonimski wrote: "Poland hates Jews, but like the Jews, they hate Poland - hardly anyone knows …"
Polish Anti-Semitism is a subject constantly raised. As a son of a Polish Jew, I was always curious where he came from. This is personally a very sad part of the story that we want to erase from the memory of Jews and not only Jews. We are also guilty.
We have betrayed them many times. When Poland was in the partitions, when the Poles fought against the Bolsheviks and even Jewish organizations with the support of the Polish Jews were against the creation of a free Poland!
The idea of ​​separating part of Poland for Jews resembled today’s Palestine. This is all true but it is not allowed to speak about it.
However, this does not apply to all Jews, Poles do not blame the entire nation for it.
Poles want to remember, apart from those bad ones, also those who gave so much to Poland
poets, scientists and others, we Jews only want to remember the worst and the worst. Polish collaborators, Polish camps, Polish gas chambers, worse than Nazis and assassins.
Poles, however, are not only murderers but witnesses of crimes that had no chance of taking on such proportions were it not for this centuries-old tradition of betrayal and collaboration with the invader, which this time turned out to be fatal for Jews.
I apologize for my English, I am already 46 years old and I learned a long time ago.
This book is also written from the memories of Jews … and it is also about rewriting history.


Sounds to me like Poland is trying to duck responsibility. Israel is right to be offended.


One thing that you get from your book.

When faced with certain death there are those that are willing to do whatever is necessary to prolong their life even at the expense of other.

In the end, the Jews were the victims and never believed for an instant that the Nazi’s would use mass extermination. Hence they stayed until it was to late.

And in between those trying to survive.

My point is not the detail but remembering the event that happened so it will never happen again.


If Israeli politicians say that the Poles killed 6 million Jews, it seems to me that Poles have the right to feel offended. I know what I am saying because I live in Poland and I am a Jew.


Damn…that’s a valuable perspective to have on this.


I cited this exact book for the reasons you gave. It’s an invaluable collection of first hand evidence.



The USA does not need to suspend ties with Poland, it needs to suspend the dual-citizenship of Israelis.

Poland is doing everything I would do if I were President. These are common sense policies that every country can and should adopt if relevant.


This wood be a moot point if the Cowardly French Fags would have invaded Germany to help Poland .The Brits also stood idly by while Poland did their best.


People are reading “Culture of Critique”.


There are very few Poles left alive that could have possibly performed these atrocities.

There are zero Americans alive that ever imported or owned an African slave.

When does the current population ever get out from under the sins of their fathers and mothers?

When can the page be turned?


When people.or countries decide to let Old Wounds Heal.


Neville Chamberlain did nothing but encouraged the Nazi’s invasion across the globe. Throw in the deal Germany did with Russia and Poland was toast.

German-Soviet Nonaggression Pact, also called Nazi-Soviet Nonaggression Pact, German-Soviet Treaty of Nonaggression, Hitler-Stalin Pact, Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact, (August 23, 1939), nonaggression pact between Germany and the Soviet Union that was concluded only a few days before the beginning of World War II and which divided eastern Europe into German and Soviet spheres of influence.


This is their way of creating fear and discomfort within the White race, the implied threat that the natural consequence of taking our own side is that many Whites may be the next ones to find themselves packed in the cattle cars. Or something asinine like that.


Read the Torah and find out what “religious” Orthodox or Hasidic Jews are taught to think about goyim! ALL Jews, Devout or Atheist are taught visceral hatred and scorn of White Europeans. It is as important to their Tribe today as White European values, honor, and courage used to be to our various peoples, faiths, and cultures.


Poland couldn’t take the heat. They cucked. But, I did realize how hypocritical Poland is to still be begging for EU gibs while bitching and moaning about refugees. I’d have a lot more respect for them if they left the EU and told Israel to go fondle themselves with barbed wire.


Clearly your moniker is based on sarcasm.