Jewish Hypocrites: How Dare You Criticise Poland?


Trump is being a good goy. Bibi must have told him to do this in their secret meetings before the grand celebration of Israel worship at AIPAC.


The Polish don’t want to be smeared with a semitic canard. President Trump should respect that.


The only good jew is a… I will let you finish it!!!


One that lives in peace with his fellow man and deals fairly and openly with other races, in the interest of his people?


This guy should go…


The person was suspended until 4/25 6 am. Guess some never learn


The suspension ends on April 25, 3018 at 8 am (EDT). I gave a thousand year suspension, but it wasn’t for this post.

We will revisit membership in a thousand years, give or take a few hours.


The Torah is the first 5 books of the Bible that we recognize. You mean the Talmud that came out of Babylon, I think.


When you surrender and they become your masters


That should do the trick.