Jewish Terrorist Arrested Plotting Election Day Attack



TAPPAN, Rockland County (WABC) – A 56-year-old Rockland County man has been arrested on federal charges of unlawfully manufacturing an explosive device.

Paul Rosenfeld, of Tappan, built a bomb in Rockland County and intended to detonate it on the National Mall in Washington D.C. on Election Day, officials said.

Sources said Rosenfeld was planning to detonate the device in a suicide bombing.

Officials said Rosenfeld wanted to draw attention an ideology called “sortition,” the political belief that the government should be selected by lottery rather than popular vote.

He was arrested in Tappan by the FBI and local authorities Wednesday morning. When authorities searched his house, they found a functional explosive device weighing approximately 200 pounds. Law enforcement agents also found, among other things, a fusing system for triggering explosive devices and what appeared to be empty canisters of black powder.

Rosenfeld was caught after he started communicating his intentions to a person in Pennsylvania in September. That person alerted authorities.

Rosenfeld had previously constructed smaller explosive devices for practice.


I guess they had to shut it down…


Strap it on his ass, take him to the National Mall, stand back and watch him go to pieces.


Reports are he was going to eat a bunch of lox and make it a dirty bomb


Sortition would be fun, but I still think a Thunderdome “two goes in one comes out” system would be more practical and result in better ratings.


Ok, I’m not saying it’s a bad idea, but that’s no way to get converts.


That Sortition what a blast??


He should have just voted Democrat. They would have allowed the dead and the illegals to vote, which would make it just like a lottery for the sane voters