Job offer for more money, is it more?


The cost of a job! Well say it is 30 miles away! 15,000 miles (1-5 oil changes and 1500 in fuel costs with say 30MPG) a year and over 300 hours driving that you are not compensated for. After five years consider the car OLD at 150,000 miles and say the car cost 30,000 (6000 a year over a 5 year period working that job)…

At current fuel (gas) prices, oil change and automobile life you are looking at that job costing you 5800 dollars a year and over 300 hours of your life. So say 3.75 an hour! Take a job closer for less pay and you can make more money!

So they offer 2, 3 0r 4 bucks more an hour than your current job that is 10 miles away. You are at increased risk of accident driving more, Increased risk of stress do to missing out on more time per week with your loved ones… Medical costs.

If you need a job it is one thing but taking a job for more money may cost you more.


The additional driving will also cost more for insurance, and you did forget brakes and other parts that wear out after a period of time. not to mention the 25K, 50K, 100K check ups, tires, etc.

I did that 50 mile commute each way for 17 years living in the mountains commuting to Denver.

I did live in paradise, when you got home you were on vacation with zero call outs as your to far away.


I just did not want to add it in. Still it adds to it. I worked about 50 miles away at one time but it was worth it for the experience (IBM) but never again unless the money is there. 30 miles means and extra 10Kpy.


I did this once. Biggest regret ever then trying to convince my wife that taking a pay cut was a good thing…that took a while.


Yeah if I make 70,ooo a year and it takes me between 5 and 10 just to keep the job, am I really making that much? I mean the quality of life goes down hill, you see more work and road than family, the spouse/partner/funky butt lover may seek comfort in another (man/woman, drink, drugs or other), the children may as well live in a single parent home…


I stuck it out for 4 years. It was a 40k jump. The compromise with my wife was that we live off the old salary and bank the rest to open a business close to home. That was the best (and scariest) decision I ever made.


It would take $20,000 to $25,000 a year to drive 30 miles and 60 round trip every day .


How do you guys end up starting businesses? I’m trying my hardest and I am able to survive by doing lots of steady odd-jobs. But I haven’t figured out how to pick one thing and run with it. I want to though. I don’t want to have some jerk-off bossing me around all day. I want to push myself to work as hard as I can. Just don’t know how to start. I’m great at bringing in money but I just do shit work nobody wants to do every day.


Please expand, on cost only please.


It depends on what you want to do and if you are willing to put your ass on the line. Tens of thousands of investment (many times, if not more) and a shitload of time.


The one thing few paycheck people understand is the 18-20 hour days, 7 days a week, sometimes for years, with little encouragement that it took to get to the point to hire that first employee. Most people don’t really understand at all the front end loading that it takes to make a business work.


I had a welding business startup 20 years ago and I had to quit and go to work for someone else. The workload was such that I needed to hire. After looking at the laws I would have had to raise my rates to prevent a loss, profits were pretty much… zero sum game for a while.