Joy Villa Hypocrisy? Germany Safe Zone! Swatting Gone Wrong! Doxxing and More



The new right needs to learn a lesson from the left and the establishment right - we need to do our own extreme vetting before we align ourselves to others. Just because someone comes out and says MAGA doesn’t mean they are truly a supporter. Joy Villa is the perfect example of this. She’s a degenerating lying Scientologist faking sexual harassment claims to get ahead.


Germany came up with a brilliant solution for women being raped by Muslims:

  1. don’t go outdoors.
  2. provide counseling for women who go outdoors

Aren’t you glad Germany doesn’t have a rape culture?


Yeah, liberals here need safe spaces to avoid words they don’t like. Meanwhile in Germany…


The last time Germany dotted their landscape with cement blocks it was to keep the diversity out. Now it is to make sure the diversity stays in.


Women already have a safe zone. It’s called…the kitchen.


So the plan is concentrating all of the women into one nice little crowded spot?

What could possibly go wrong?


Putting women into a “safe space” - isn’t that just a variant of segregation that they do in places like Saudi Arabia anyway?


SWAT teams need to only be used when there’s a known threat. An anonymous tip isn’t a known threat. I think the guy who caused this should be shot too. He should pay for his actions accordingly, imo.

This is the guy they shot.


Is this an ADHD thread? One topic per thread guys. Come on.