Judge Denies Fusion GPS Bid to Block House Subpoena for Bank Records


We will likely find out:

  • Which reporters are on Fusion GPS’ Payroll
  • Who paid for the fake Trump Dossier developed by fusion GPS.

Inside baseball “guess”: Comey paid for the Dossier in order to have a fake reason to wiretap Trump during the campaign and feed the inside info to Hillary, through Fusion GPS associates.


A lot of Democrats and corrupt media outlets that helped fund it will be exposed. I wonder if there will be a little FBI money in there with the Clinton/DNC cash?


Incredible 48 hours:

  1. Nunes gets access to all Fusion GPS docs & witnesses
  2. Clinton email investigation reopened (ongoing for at least 12 months)
  3. Comey illegal leaks investigation ongoing
  4. DHS takes over voter fraud investigation


Confirmed: Comey allowed junior staffers to remove felony language from his findings.

Confirmed: Sworn affidavit from FBI head of FOIA says Comey memos were classified at time were created and leaked. Plain English: Comey committed several felonies.


Over a year later and millions in and not shit in the way of evidence. MSM idiots and shit bag leftist politicians still running with the fake narrative.


Democrats are always changing their narrative when they find they are caught in a lie and must make up another fantasy for the masses to believe.


Actually how many FBI agents and top brass paid for these lies and how the FBI tried to influence OUR election process ! And the conspiracy which led to FISA warrants issued on Americans ILLEGALLY . And how Obama planned to weaponized the FBI ,CIA , IRS , etc.