Just Released Docs Show Monsanto 'Executives Colluding With Corrupted EPA


Like anyone in the “know” had any doubts. The corruption of our goverment - through all offices - is complete.
The people have no power. It is profit over people. Has and always will be with the type of mentality I see in the American “public”.

Oklahoma’s fracking-induced earthquakes are not going to stop

This is the biggest government protected assault on Americans. When we break through their lies with evidence and class action sue the FDA and others, Monsanto will die.


If you behave like cattle, you are cattle.


People have been trying to take Monsanto down forever. They are part of the Military Industrial Complex, clearly part of the Corporate run goverment we have.
One of my favorite political musicians is called Payday Monsanto.


More than 20 nations have outlawed genetically modified (GMO) food… many proven extremely bad side effects …Monsanto is protected by the deep state here in the USA… Congress quietly passed laws for Monsanto so they cannot be held liable and so their packages do not have to be marked as GMO.


I remember reading about a species of corn… BT corn or something like that. It was proven to sterilize lab animals. Crazy to think what they get away with, and what we are actually consuming. Sad really…


Name one person world wide that has been killed by a GMO.

GO ahead.


No, but it has to actually kill them on the spot for it to be bad. You also have no clue as to what the long term effects are.
Clearly some forms seem to be causing infertility.
But live in your shell and keep consuming it.
MSM don’t talk about it, but I did find one. Figured you might yell FAKE news or something if I didn’t.


Were any of these hairy mouth hampsters on that boating vessel in Tampa Bay?

And what were those hamsters names?


Nah… but then again one can but wonder from which direction acute male infertility has come… It doesn’t have to kill you to kill you… never know who collaborates with planned parenthood these days. I hear that from all this gene research and slicing we can start thinking about designer babies… perhaps this will forward the cause of the trans movement… perhaps one thats half human and the other half horse but with a special synthetic coating of Roundup…


That’s your debate… wow


I repeat, name one individual that has been killed by a GMO.


In the long run we are all dead.

Seem isn’t exactly a scientific term.

Try harder, I’m sure you can do better than hair in hamster’s mouths.


wow, hair in hamsters mouths. I will mark you down with a troll asterisk.


Haven’t been able to come up with one name have you.


Clearly you want to troll, Take the weak debate you are trying to have with someone else. To say something has to kill you on the spot for it to be a danger is ridiculous.
Good Day


No proof, just admit it.


This story came out just a few days ago about RoundUp being found in Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream. Eating one bite is not like taking a dose of cyanide but the active ingredient in RoundUp causes cancer in humans. Oh, and Ben and Jerry’s claims to be totally Non-GMO. It’s in nearly everything we eat. Unless you grow your own heirloom veggies…it’s a problem.


“Even if the reported results are accurate, as the laboratory that conducted the test stated, a person would have to conume 145,000 eight-ounce servings PER DAY to reach the limit set by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA),” a Ben & Jerry’s spokesperson said.

Of course this is the very last paragraph in the article. Total bullshit. But it is nice that commies Ben and Jerry are swept up in this stone age hysteria in the make believe land of Bern baby burn.


All that and not any evidence to back up your claims.
Shill if there ever was one.
The only thing burning, is those few braincells left.