Just so we keep the Russia Story on the Front Burner... until the real culprits are cooked!


Democrats started this and I don’t want it to disappear just because they have decided that … maybe… they don’t want to talk about it any more…

But… you know how they are in reporting the news nowdays:



They must be wrong.

All the latest good stuff.


The concept that Trump and members of his team are compromised tools of Russia/Putin/Oligarch mobsters, etc (take your pick) has taken on a life of its own. While it is clear that there was Russian interference in the 2016 election, what is not clear is to what degree (if any) that anybody on the U.S.A. side of the equation played in that interference.

Every day now I hear new claims about underlings flipping for the FBI, indictments for serious crimes or treason are just around the corner, the “golden shower” dossier is true, there are multiple recordings picked up by the IC of trump (and underlings) colluding with Russia on the election, etc. I have even seen the theory the Jason Chaffetz kept the whole Benghazi witch hunt rolling at the behest of Russia for bribes or blackmail. It has reached a fever pitch. This is a rotten scandal the likes of which have never been seen before!!! It goes deep with the major players of the republican party!! Any day now the other shoe will drop!!! Any day!!!..???

I must admit I am guilty of consuming each of these pronouncements with excitement. Everybody would feel vindicated in their disgust with the whole rotten mess of the 2016 election and its ongoing aftermath. I want it to be true, but is it? I follow all the links, read the articles and twitter feeds and lots of people have 100% backed the Russian collusion theory. It is addictive reading this stuff and I am guilty of over indulging in it myself too.

What I worry about is are those of us following these stories closely all fooling ourselves? All the links and stories appear to feed off themselves. Each source quotes another as authoritative and factually accurate. It seems as if a circular self supporting meme is running like a perpetual motion machine and being voraciously consumed by people (like me) who are aghast at the harm being done to our country by the republicans and the trump administration. The thing is, is any of it true? I have yet to see a single hard piece of evidence that backs anything as gargantuan as the narrative of corruption being pushed.

I have always taken care not to lie to myself about things I wish were true. I am not saying that I think the Russia collusion story is completely false, but until solid proof is shown I think it wise to remain very skeptical.


This story just keeps getting closer and closer to the democrats that started it…


What’s most mind-boggling about liberals is that they think any sort of cooperation with Russia is bad or “treasonous”. For Christ’s sake, shouldn’t the two nuclear superpowers get along at least a little bit?! Russia certainly isn’t an ally, but also not exactly an enemy either.


OH…Now THIS would be soooo sweet if it is true that it was McCain doing leaks as well…


Hanoi McCain should be the one impeached.

Did you know that McCain was responsible for the deaths of 130+ sailors in the aircraft carrier USS Forrester in 1967 and Nixon pardoned him for treason?


Every thing I read about the USS Forrestal places him as a pilot in an A4. The incident and subsequent fire occurred by either a bomb explosion or a discharge of a rocket from an F4… I’m thinking he was truly a bystander in that tragedy…

As far as his fine job in VietNam… well, lets just say its nice to have a daddy in high places…

But I do hope that he is found to be one of many co conspirators in the Trump / Russia conspiracy. Get rid of a dishonorable man and a RINO at the same time…


McCain was part of 38 anti-American propaganda radio broadcasts for Radio Hanoi in the 5-year captivity.

Mc Cain was in his plane on the carrier USS Forrestal and somehow launched a powerful Zuni rocket across the carrier’s deck. The rocket hit other planes packed with 1,000 high-explosive pound bombs. McCain nearly sunk the carrier.


So the lawyer who set up the meeting with Donald Trump Jr is linked to the democrat hit squad Fusion GPS.

And the Russsian lawyer, whose papers were expired, is seen here 8 days after the meeting with Obama’s ambassador to Russia.

This entire Russia conspiracy was a contingency plan orchestrated the second Trump won the nomination.


I’m trying to figure out how the Veselnitskaya meeting so quickly got diminished into “Trump, Jr’s meeting.” Kushner and Manafort both attended. Both seem like bigger players. It seems like it was in the White House’s interest to cast this as all about Junior. Who pushed him to release his emails, which clinched the media focus? Or did he really decide on his own to take one for the team. It’s a lot easier to pretend it was a “minor meeting,” as one of the Post articles quoted someone as saying, if it was just goobery Junior’s meeting.

I get that Junior was the interlocutor with Goldstone, the one who agreed to the meeting and agreed to bring Kushner and Manafort. But this was a very high level meeting, with the President’s son, his son-in-law and his confidante/about to be campaign manager. Presumably this meeting was part of Manafort’s run at the job. If it was really such a useless meeting, after he roped in Kushner and Manafort, he would have emailed Goldstone angrily afterwards. And would have released that email, since it would have been far more helpful than what he did release.

Putting this all on the moron Junior was a very clever piece of work. I’m wondering how it happened so quickly, who figured out the strategy, who convinced Junior to take the fall, and who will begin the rollback of the spin.


If it turns out she does represent the Kremlin there is that…but she helped with setting up a charity to actually oppose Putin.


Canvas, there are some comments in the thread which explain why its illegal even if the russian person wasn’t operating directly under Putin.

This comment chain is a good read:

This is a key section, but the rest of the comment has the relevant laws and backgrounds, and the replies are pretty good too:

Regardless of connection to the Russian government, which this lawyer probably, but may not have had, she is a foreign national. She does not have a green card. Donald Trump Jr, along with Paul Manafort and Jared Kushner, as representatives of the Donald Trump campaign, met with this lawyer for the purpose of receiving “opposition research”, a “good or service”.

So, to lay it all out. It is illegal, according to the FEC, to accept “goods or services” from foreign nationals for the purpose of influencing a federal election.

Lawyer is a foreign national: check Purpose of meeting was a contribution of “goods or services” in the form of opposition research: check “Goods and services” were meant to influence a national election: check
So those are the three criteria necessary for a federal campaign finance law violation, and Donald Trump Jr, likely along with Manafort and Kushner, meet all three criteria.


@LEFTY WTF is that sub-reddit?

They sure seem to be reaching.


Actually while I agree with you that he was, as I have read elsewhere, criminally stupid… he did absolutely nothing wrong… legally for sure and I even have doubts about ethically. I tell you what I am really starting to think… this is yet one more power play by the left… the stupid thing was that Don Jr. took the bait…


The sub was linked in world politics.

How is that even a reach? It’s pretty blatantly illegal. Not to mention the POTUS was in the building when the meeting took place.

Do you believe that illegal activities should not be punished, especially in politics?


Is information generally considered a ‘good or service’?


Would Donald Trump Jr. not been remiss in taking any damning information if it was made available to him. What if it implicated Hillary in a serious crime? I have to wonder if as @Daybreak says… is information a good or service in this regard. As not actual product changed hands and no actual service was rendered on behalf of the the campaign… You can’t be convicted of solicitation if you only say hi to a prostitute. As far as any hint of collusion… Their was certainly no quid pro quo… trump offered nothing for the information nor was anything asked for.

Thin… very thin… but then again if you get a special prosecutor who stacks his office with motivated liberals any outcome is possible…


@LEFTY to pile on a little bit…I’m also 100% certain that people can come here without a greencard to broker business deals and that obviously would not be illegal. In fact it happens all the time.


@Daybreak @Scott yes, because people pay money hourly for opposition research, it is classified as a service specifically an “in-kind contribution” and that was exactly what was offered as per the emails, may I also remind everyone, that the emails were tweeted out by DJT Jr himself, so not fake news or alternative facts or whatever.

If you look down the comment chain on the subreddit I posted above you see this:

This law refers to using money (in any form, including loans) as a way to influence politicians into doing what you want. Contribution does not equal information.

Well, you’re blatantly incorrect.
Taken from the text of 11 CFR 110.20, the actual law:

A foreign national shall not, directly or indirectly, make a contribution or a donation of money or other thing of value, or expressly or impliedly promise to make a contribution or a donation, in connection with any Federal, State, or local election.

See, information, like opposition research, is covered under the “or other thing of value” part of the law. This isn’t an interpretation or opinion, this is the text of the federal law. Contribution absolutely equals information.