Just so we keep the Russia Story on the Front Burner... until the real culprits are cooked!


How did narrative change from “Russia hacked our election and threatens our democracy” to “a lawyer who lives in Russia wanted to give Donald Trumps son real information about Hillary’s collusion with the Russians”? They switched so fast.


So if the answer to the question of any alleged Trump-Russia “collusion” lies within the Donald Jr’s interview with a Russian lawyer, that has to mean that Russia didn’t hack our election. They are jumping narratives constantly and aren’t smart enough to spot their own logical missteps.


A shame you don’t actually read his speech instead of parroting nonsense from the Fake News sources

He announced he will be giving a speech next week about “all of the things that have taken place with the Clintons.” “The Clintons have turned the politics of personal enrichment into an art form for themselves,” he said, accusing Hillary Clinton of selling access and government contracts while she was secretary of state. He also hit Clinton for her use of a private email server when she was secretary, which he claimed was “totally illegal.” Laying out the threats America is facing across the world, Trump said, “Better hope I’m president.”

Donald Trump announced that he will give a speech lambasting the “corrupt dealings” of the Clinton family as he looks to pivot toward the general election and pacify Republicans concerned by his controversial remarks over the past week. “I am going to give a major speech on probably Monday of next week, and we are going to be discussing all of the things that have taken place with the Clintons,” he said during a primary night rally in New York. "I think you are going to find it very informative and very, very interesting. I wonder if the press will want to attend. Trump went on to lambast Clinton for turning “the State Department into her own private hedge fund,” accusing her of rewarding countries who donated to her family foundation. He went on to bash her for using a private email server to “keep her corrupt dealings out of the public record.” “They’ve made hundreds of millions of dollars selling access, selling favors, selling government contracts,” he said. “It’s a sad day in America when foreign governments with deep pockets have more influence in our own country than our great citizens.”

And no, no mention of Russians.

Nice change in narrative as only a progressive can do.


Yeah…Russia and Putin were so bad ass they engineered the worst Dem candidate since Mondale. You are failing miserably here @CriticalThinker but keep posting and ignoring the criticism. I’m sure your next theory will connect Trump, Putin and Russia with the lost city of Atlantis.


Who leaked details of the Don Jr meeting in the first place?

  • The meeting was set up immediately after Trump got the nomination

  • Obama admin orchestrated it to justify unmasking and surveillance in Trump tower so they could monitor their opponents

  • Intelligence Community leaked their surveillance to the NYTimes


By continuing this narrative you are making yourself look silly… Stick with the verifiable facts and you can’t go wrong but when you wander off into the weeds of speculation, you just loose your credibility. Their appear to be two narratives out their… Don Jr. had the meeting but got nothing of value… Trump Won… and Don Jr. had the meeting and got valuable information but that information appears to never have been used… Trump Won.

Oh yeah… don’t use the word ‘lost’ to describe those emails… they were called personal and deliberately disappeared. Of course you might be right… Hillary doesn’t really seem to know where her emails went… smashed Iphone… pedo’s laptops…they could still be lost, but I have a feeling that by now they have been well and truly ‘bleached’…

By the way… what do you say about the DNC / Ukrainian collusion?..


The fact is nothing moves these tinhorn fucks. Nothing. Collusion? There’s no collusion, it’s fake news, oh, well, there’s collusion, sure, but it’s not against the law and anyone would have done it to win, shut up! The fact that Trump’s approval rating with Republicans has never dropped below 81% and it obviously never will, and as long as it doesn’t, Ryan and McConnell will never move against him and will never let anyone else move against him.

Trump will ignite a firestorm – possibly literally – among the Republican base if anyone takes a serious shot at him. The Congressional Republicans know this. I used to have hope that they’d just go ahead, pull the trigger, and put Pence in if Trump got too loopy, but it’s clear there is no such thing as too loopy for his base, and the punks in Congress are terrified of the base. So that’s what changed.

Also, the sheer overwhelming power of the spite vote has become clearer to me over time. The unassailable, irrefutablly invincible combination of organized voter suppression that reliably knocks out 4 to 6% of the opposition every single time, plus the insane vehemence, internal discipline, and infuriated motivation of those who only want to see their educated elitist weenie faggot neighbors cry, who live only to make sure that niggers, spics, feminazis and goddam Arabs do not in any way get over on them, has really only recently started to become truly clear to me. We keep saying these people are a dying breed but they’re raising their kids to hate as hard as they ever did and they aren’t dying fast enough. They can swamp the polls for two, three, four more election cycles, and that’s certainly long enough for Trump and the Koch Brothers to kill organized labor, minority outreach, and, oh yeah, the fucking planet.

All this is what changed. Yes, Ryan wants to be President, he really really does, but he’s got no balls. He won’t take on Trump. Trump is a madman with his finger on all the buttons. Ryan is just going to keep his head down and suck whatever morsels of food he can get from between Trump’s teeth.

Or so I now believe. I sure wouldn’t mind being proven wrong.

I must admit, if the Democrats took back Congress, maybe something would happen. But I no longer believe the Democats can win an election. They are trying to be Republican; they are trying to be the party of no, the party that is only against things because their corporate sponsors are viciously and violently opposed to any real significant social or economic reform. But that only works for Republicans. Progressives want to vote FOR something, not just against Trump. As Ray Stanz once noted about the private sector, we expect RESULTS. It’s obvious that the modern Democratic Party is terrified of actually taking any kind of real stand, of trying to actually accomplish anything, and that terror, that gutlessness, is going to keep costing them elections.

And if they do somehow win a majority, what will they do with it? They’re as cowardly and craven as the Republicans. Bernie and Liz Warren and a few others will talk a lot of smack, whoever the Speaker and the Majority Leader are will make conciliatory noises about reaching across the aisle, and nothing will change. We’ll continue to have a crazy man in the Oval Office until the next election, the Dems will put up some weak corporate shill like they always do, get slapped around at the polls again, and whine about how they didn’t move far enough to the center.

I’m so sick of this I could fucking puke. I really am.


Are you 12 years old or just a person that cannot have a conversation with out colorful metaphors?


Go on then… puke on your sofa… thats what progressives do you know… throw a tantrum and destroy their own neighborhoods and whine for someone else to fix it… That was quite a funny rant though… I can almost see you stomping your feet while firmly clutching your ‘I’m With Her’ placard… :rofl:


Leave the sofa alone it’s done nothing wrong, let him puke on himself.


My two cents…

We know what Russia wanted, we know they were actively working for it. We know that, even though Jr. denied Kremlin ties in his meeting, the folks in the room were pushing for the exact same thing as with Rohrbacher: The Magnitsky Act.

We know what was offered to Jr. via email (dirt on Hillary), and we know he was interested.

We know that Ryan and McCarthy were aware of the Kremlin’s desires, and that they knew or had reasonable suspicion of Russia’s targets: Trump and Rohrbacher.

The Kremlin was in the room, and they made a request and an offer. We know both sides of the deal. The only question is: Did Trump’s team say “yes?”

If they did, how far must we assume that this goes? Is the whole administration poisoned? Pence? What about Ryan?

There is one missing piece, and (with it) we will know the shape of the tumor that we already know exists…

What is the appropriate response to this? Both domestically and internationally? How can an attack of this magnitude be fixed, and a breach of this size be healed? We are in dark waters indeed.

Oh… And, one more thing: If this is all in the press… What more does Mueller know? I mean, I think it’s safe to assume he has access to more information than the journalists do – though, less time to sort through it. This is going to get worse, but holy God… By how much?