Justin Trudeau king of PC


Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau felt it his moral duty to correct a woman on her language when she asked a question during a town hall Friday and said “mankind “. So “mankind” is insulting to the moose hunters these days . The goof also passed a bill Thursday to make the country’s national anthem gender neutral.
Really ,is it necessary to so PC when your Country is in turmoil ?


Here is cuckboy’s video:

To really appreciate what a degenerate little scumbag Trudeau is, see his response to a question (at 1:20:40) about the Canadian government only subsidizing summer jobs for organizations that don’t oppose infanticide:


Old habits are hard to break.


It’s sucks that Canadians have to deal with Castro’s love child and all his SJW bullshit. It’s really a sad state of affairs for the beautiful country of Canada.


He also compares muslim migrants to Italian immigrants who were also ridiculed for their clothes, culture and language…seriously.


And lying is another old habit … on Wednesday, days after video footage of the exchange spurred accusations of sexism, Mr. Trudeau told reporters that he had made “a dumb joke.”
“You all know that I don’t necessarily have the best of track records on jokes.”
What was all the fuss about? When the heat is applied time to lay down the lies , an old Clinton trick ! :wink:


No comment.


Trudeau needs a New Orleans history lesson about how Italians were shot or hung from lamposts . What a Dork!!!-


Three freaks !!!:persevere:


When will Canada figure out Trudeau is more than likely a closet Muslim screwing over their country? He’s the White version of Obama.



Trudeau is certainly absent of all commonsense ! :roll_eyes:


Every day he makes me feel more and more ashamed that he’s our prime minister…


Canada is like a gay Soviet Union.


But he said it was a joke, shrug. Like when the TIC said calling democrats traitors was just a joke.


That turd said it was a joke AFTER he was given a massive beating by everyone for his stupidity ! quack ,quack … shrug


Amen to that !!! :laughing::laughing::laughing:



WOW ! Talk about beyond stupid !!! :exploding_head: