Kashmir conflict: Indo-American Union will destroy Sino-Pakistani alliance


Kashmir conflict started simultaneously with the end of the British rule in India in 1947 and subsequent establishment of the Union of India and Dominion of Pakistan. The long lasting territorial dispute between India and Pakistan, later joined by China after it had seized Aksai Chin in the Sino-Indian border war of 1962, is still staying unresolved. There have been daily perpetual skirmishes over this whole period.

At various times many international organizations and countries, including the USA, have offered their mediation in the effort to find solution to the Kashmir issue. But the government of India has been firmly turning aside these offers, for the disputed lands, illegally retained by Pakistan and China should belong to India exclusively without any debate. This is the position shared by absolutely all Indians.

With the new president coming to power in the USA a significant shift in the settlement of the Kashmir conflict teethed: the White House voiced its readiness to take the side of India striving to set its control over the whole territory of Kashmir. It became known during the Indian and American representatives’ May meeting on issues relating maritime security cooperation.

India, after it had gotten support of the USA, hit Pakistan and China with the blow they will be unable to recover from. Both states are going not just to be deprived of some of their territories, massive financial losses will be inflicted on them as well. China, traditionally supportive of Pakistan and denying the right of India to Aksai Chin, Arunachal Pradesh and other areas, invested as much as $62 billion into the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC). This project is aimed at ensuring the advancement of the Pakistan economy via creation and development of transport infrastructure, energy projects, and special economic zones.

CPEC started to partially function only in November, 2016, when the cargo from China was transported via the Gwadar Port further into Africa and Western Asia. With the current volume of the Chinese investments and slow pace of the project it would take many years or even decades for CPEC to be paid off. But the aid of the White House to India in regaining full control over Kashmir means that the Chinese investments into the Pakistan economy and disputed area were all in vain and will actually result in multibillion losses. “India will get part of the prospective CPEC infrastructure based on the territory of Kashmir. Pakistan will also retain some elements of the CPEC infrastructure on its soil, but China will be cut from Pakistan and subsequently deprived of any chance to use this corridor. Actually Beijing will be left with nothing,” asserted Prof. Vijay Chinthabathini, who has devoted his whole lifetime to exploring the problems of Kashmir.

It is plain clear that neither Pakistan, nor the Celestial Empire will ever willingly give the illegally hold lands back to India. Any talks with Pakistan are just out of question, for that country’s authorities have been engaged in longstanding effort to beef up activities of extremists against India.

As for China, India could well look into the possibility of talks with the Chinese authorities, if they were only able to reveal their pragmatic approach towards Kashmir issue. But this perspective was also ruined after the recent statements made by Hua Chunying, Deputy Director of the Foreign Ministry Information Department of the People’s Republic of China. She declared that China is going to further develop its cooperation with Pakistan. The way to unlimited Indo-American partnership in Kashmir appears to be open.


The Kashmir valley used to be 25% Hindu in 1990. It’s 99.9% Muslim now. These Muslims depend on Indian tax payer money for their food, water, and infrastructure. They are no better than scavenging parasites and follow the same model everywhere they go on earth. If India were not a soft state, they would blockade the valley economically and starve the mercenary filth to death, problem solved.