Kate's Law Has been in the House for 3 Years!


Ryan held up this law because he didn’t want ‘drunk truck drivers’ clogging up our prisons… I was finally voted on and passed to the Senate at the end of June '17…

Because our congress couldn’t write a clear piece of legislation and get it done, these jokers will be deported … again…


Many of the politicians trying to help illegals via DACA are the same ones that voted against Kate’s Law that increased penalties for illegal re-entry into the USA.

Makes you wonder who these politicians represent?


Might as well just put all expectations of meaningful legislation being passed on hold until 2018. Kate’s Law is a perfect example. It’s straightforward, protects Americans, and has reasonable punishments for offenders. Yet somehow our elected officials can’t manage to pass it. This tells me that the people who contribute to their political campaigns don’t want it getting past. Draining the swamp won’t take place overnight.