Katy Perry Calls for Violent Revolution to Overthrow the Democratically Elected Government of the United States


Katy Perry has called for a violent revolution to overthrow the democratically elected government of the United States for the sake of peace and democracy. Katy Perry, who is known for making songs talking about her “big balloons” i.e. breasts, has sided with meat-wearing drama queen Lady Gaga on the issue. Although Perry is not partaking in the so called revolution, she has certainly encouraged men to act.

The Secret Service have not yet responded to this call to dissolve the United States government.


These people are literally retarded. I am so emboldened right now. Trump has been elected President of the United States. Here’s to all the white males who have been vilified and shamed during this insanity. I feel ready to trounce these progressive nutjobs publicly and without reservation. I will show no mercy. But good luck to all of you leftist elites getting your low testosterone mutant army to rise up.


Does she even understand the issues? Wonder if she can name the current Vice President. Go back to singing about balloons😒