Kushner’s security downgrade


Let the justifications begin. I know what it would be like on this forum had HRC won and stuck Chelsea in the White House and then she received a security down grade.


Frankly I am glad that Trump stepped aside and let Kelly do his job. Some will say that this was total ineptness and others might use the word corruption but I’m not convinced. Their no doubt was complacency in allowing the world ‘temporary’ to linger into permanency but domestic abuse created a focus on the status of these people and they are ‘finally’ doing the correct thing. Much distraction and media pounding plus the constant legal parley ‘perhaps’ caused people to loose track of fundamentals. As far as Kurshner… I’m glad he is reeled in and given only need to know information…


Is this it ??? Of all the things happening in the democratic party over the last 8 years , you come up with this ??? :roll_eyes: :laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing: