LA Times Reports Carl Vinson Carrier Group No Where Near Korea



It sounds to me like the media inferred that the strike group was there. Trump said we are sending an Armada and Mattis backed him up. From the article, Trump and Mattis didn’t say when. Trump has said many times that he isn’t going to telegraph his moves when it comes to the military. I think this puts more egg of the face on the press than it does for Trump.


President Trump will declare war on North Korea today. It is going to happen. We will see breaking news today.


It looks like the armchair admirals will be disappointed. The Vinson was heading in the wrong direction while the other carriers are not immediately ready to go to North Korea anyway. The immediately threat of war has passed. This is good and @JustDifferent unless you are the second coming of Nostradamus you couldn’t be more wrong.


Of course the interesting thing to me is that China will have known without question where the Carl Vinson was… A carrier battle group is hard to hide and I am positive if it was sailing up its coastline, they would have known it… Also the report that Russian and Chinese ships are steaming to monitor the actions US navel procedures off the coast of Korea… Either they will be very surprised and disappointing… or they never left dock.


I don’t see this as Trump playing 4D chess. If this is true then I am beginning to wonder whether Trump is EVER going to find competent people to appoint to his Cabinet/Administration who will be able and willing to carry out his agenda. There seems to be problems and hindrances in just about every area of US Govt. Truly worrying.


I don’t know… even the Chinese raised the temperature of this ‘conflict’ in the press… I’m reasonably sure they know were every US boat in the western pacific is…


Yeah - fairly certain that the military is able to maintain a constant virtual line of sight on all of their weapons systems. It’s not like we are in the 1900s and have to wait for a carrier pigeon. Trump knew exactly where those ships were as did everyone else with a need to know in the military. He let the media go batshit and didn’t dispute them. Pretty clever to me.


So why were the Russians following the Carl Vinson to North Korea as reported by news outlets for the past few days ??


Please provide the proof instead of your opinion or perhaps your fake news source.


It is an interesting paradox in the information we are receiving… One article sighting ‘sources’ even gave the class and name of one of the Chinese ships that was following the carrier group…


Did Hillary or Susan Rice provide that insight ??? :grinning: