Lasting effects


When families are torn apart there are penalties that are both instant and long enduring. Young children in the first years of awareness are building their minds day by day, and every event will impact them permanently. As a child I personally was separated from my mother for a period of about two weeks. When re-united I literally did not recognize her. I can only begin to imagine the damage done to immigrant children who are completely separated from their families for periods often longer than thirty days. These damaged children will not quickly heal, nor will they simply go away. Even those most concerned with border security must understand that we can find a better way to do this, that we can safeguard our nation without being at war with children.



You are so right. The consequences of separating families will have lasting effects beyond detention and could be felt for generations. This is an injustice and we cannot stay silent.


Hey… you don’t need to preach it to me… the vast majority of ‘children’ that show up at the border waved good bye to their parents when they left with a trafficker… and as for the other group… you won… they all get incarcerated together…

What really jerks my chain is the armwaving leftist that have made this such a big ‘Trump’ deal had to use photos from Obama’s administration and post photos of a tired little girl crying because her mother abducted her from her father and forced her to trek across the desert… Give me a break.


Wouldn’t;t a better way to be sealing the border to prevent illegal immigration in the first place???

Here’s the million dollar question, why would a responsible parent take the chance of illegally crossing the border and put their children at risk???

Who is really responsible???


Of course it would be better to somehow prevent illegal immigration in the first place. Best of all to see the conditions that motivate the desperate efforts to escape improved and make it more desirable to stay. I wish we had a way to improve the lot of people who must be incredibly motivated to migrate, but we can’t be held responsible for all the challenges facing people in Central America (although we can try to help) We are responsible for how we deal with the challenges that arrive at our front door. Damaging children for life cannot be our best answer.



You’re talking about a level of empathy there that isn’t shared by all Americans. Despite the fact this is the richest country on earth, a people that spend more money annually on their pets than the entire GDP of dozens of countries. A country that throws away 60 million tons of food annually and roughly half of all produce grown, has an annual defense budget crowding a trillion dollars, and that’s daily operations, and doesn’t include our wars. And I could go on, but you get the point. But can’t give a helping hand to the less fortunate that come to our borders pleading.


Yeah build the wall and keep them the hell out! We should also not separate criminals in our system from their children! So do we send the kids to prison as well? I mean the guy robbed a store at gunpoint to get some money to feed his kids! How can you take him away from his kids?


Asylum seekers aren’t illegal…


US policies in Latin America for over a century have held many of these countries back. A new foreign policy would go a long way towards helping.


The parents are responsible as parents are responsible for their children across the world.

This country does not have unlimited resources to shelter the world. As a country we cannot fix other countries. We provide foreign which is useless in most cases as it goes into politicians pockets instead of helping the people.

If the people of a country leave, how can it possible change or be made better?

We need to deal with Mexico as they are the gateway to the US and pass whoever wants to our front door not to mention they encourage their own people to leave for the US.

The benefit? The billions in remittances sent back to the home countries. Of course they want to dump more people into the US. Mexico’s remittances topped 30 billion last year. The motivation to send more people to the US at the expense of the US taxpayer.


You are drilling right to the core of the issue Montecresto. Do we really want to be the great one-per center among nations? Secure in a gated community while the rest can go to hell? Does this even make sense even from a selfish point of view? We need to find a true policy to make our southern neighbors able to live decently. In today’s conditions, migration is sometimes the ONLY responsible choice for parents to make.


They aren’t our problem. Why is it on us to make them successful? Look at all of the countries that we have made successful and secure and just look at how they treat us. Every country south of the US border should be thanking us for not shooting their vermin criminal citizens on sight.


Oh brother :roll_eyes: Ok, you can crawl back into your hole now.


You know what they learn ?? There parents broke the law… and Latinos don’t have the same values as Americans… they are sending young kids with mules! And smugglers! That is not family… you need to wake up


You ignore the impact to the US as we have more illegals crossing the border every year.


So all those kids who spent months away from their fathers when they were on sea duty or deployed are all “scared” forever, you could really remember your mother was gone? Kids are the most flexible things out there, as soon as they make friends and get use to there surroundings they will be fine. Living much better than the shanty’s they were stolen from. But a secure border will provide a controlled process to let people into the country and not a mad and dangerous trip across a failed country and a desert crossing.


But it’s a great excuse isn’t it.


Lol, how is a mythical sealed border going to effect the dangers of crossing a thousand miles or two to get to it??




How many will you allow into the US before you say this has to stop???

10 million? 50 million?

There’s an endless supply of poor who want to move to the US. You discriminate against every person in line when you allow the people from south of the border to enter at will.