Lasting effects


It is a tad unfair to try to put the blame at the feet of the government while completely disregarding the culpability of the parents in creating this situation for their children to begin with. It would be nice to have a POTUS who could work collaboratively with Mexico (that has its own illegal immigration problem) and central American countries to come up with a comprehensive approach to the problems we share, and a Congress willing to actually take up comprehensive reform instead of both parties talking about it and doing nothing. That is not the reality we live in though right now, and right now these illegal immigrants hoping to game the system are not hapless victims with clean hands.


Which completely dismisses the reality of the desperation of the circumstances which they are fleeing.


Things will never improve from whence they came if they are all allowed to go somewhere else. People have become so accustomed to American blood being shed in foreign lands that the idea of foreign blood being shed in their own lands never even enters people’s minds. If they are not willing to fight for their own country, then there is nothing they can offer to us here.


America has never treated people like that.

That’s ridiculous, I guess you don’t understand what the circumstances are in these countries. And how would they fight, and which belligerents would they fight. Insurgents, their own government, the US, who and how??


I understand that you are trying to craft a moral position out of highly selective evidence. while disregarding all evidence to the contrary.

I suggest you begin with “Migration Hurts the Homeland” The piece quite nicely sums up why your position is an untenable solution that only hurts the countries from whence they come.


I’m the one that advocates for a foreign policy that doesn’t create global refugees to begin with. If you don’t like refugees knocking on our back door, support candidates that oppose our aggressive and interfering foreign policy. They’re not the majority by any means, but they’re out there.


Not so, I’ve linked US and international law. You quoting the “failing New York Times” :wink:


One day you will learn monte is a self serving antagonist.

He has few facts hates his country and lionizes the people invading the US.

Then like many others here you will also ignore him.


While you might have a point over ‘who would they fight’… you make a salient observation when you say… ‘how would they fight’…


No i was linking to a piece form an Oxford Professor, something you would know had you bothered to read it. I see you are a know it all who doesn’t know anything. Quite pedestrian.


Yet another person who see reality of the lies and omissions from the left.


The fact is children are super resilient. Children are separated from their parents all the time. Extended business travel due to employment, Summer camps, hospitalization, any number of things and while traumatic it isn’t creating anything but a memory albeit a bad one. You are letting the adjectives and adverbs of the leftist propaganda machine pull at your heart strings. These kids are being treated just fine. Their stay in the Air Conditioned area they occupy is a far cry from the desert they were just dragged through. Bottom line, any taruma befalling these children is a direct result of Parents or guardians making BAD parenting decisions. And yes there is always a choice.


Why would I read your link when you won’t read mine. And why is academia demonized on this board regularly until it’s needed to support a narrative. And you can dispense with the personal insults if you want a conversation with me…


Ad Hominem - Debate 101


You don’t know what I have or have not read


Maybe this will help.


Terrible to see a child separated from its family.

That’s why it’s so horrific that any parent would drag children along with them when they set out to do an illegal act. Like sneaking into The U.S. Not hard to imagine that such a parent would gleefully bring the kiddies along if they were out to rob a liquor store. Maybe a bank. Or even carry out a murder-for-hire mission.

Yeah, great parents!


It happens in the US everyday of the week when a military family is split up when the military member is deployed overseas. Funny not a word is ever said about the broken family.

It happens every day when a member of the family is sent to prison. Not a word is said.

People bring their children along as in the past it’s been their ticket to proceed and disappear into the mainland US.

Yeah, self serving parents gaming our broken laws.


Either you believe what you are saying and are being manipulated to think this such a catastrophic event, OR you are the catastrophic event. Where are the cries and the memes when it happens every day to American children? Where are your posts about children left by parent soldiers going off to defend your rights and strangers’ lives? How about ANY single parent or Parent Couple guilty of a felony? They are going to be IMMEDIATELY separated from their children. Probably permanently … tears and All.

When I was 5 my mother suddenly wasn’t home one day. She needed an emergency hysterectomy and complications kept her in ICU for 3 weeks. She left behind a VERY bloody bathroom and bedroom that my father cleaned in as much privacy I would afford him. You know what traumatized me? The God awful food my father tried to make for us for 3 weeks! LOL. Children are resilient. I have Dozen of stories to prove it.

Not to be adversarial, but I’d really like to see some credentials of the people speaking to child psychology. I really don’t want to waste my time explaining where you’ve strayed from the facts unless you are a professional.


Asylum seekers come through checkpoints to officially declare / request Asylum. EVERYONE coming across the border any other way are trying to escape detection. Anyone caught trying to declare asylum after they’ve been busted is completely LAUGHABLE and I’m sure it gets some chuckles IRL. You guys love making rules then breaking them yourselves and telling the entire 3rd world that they can treat America the same way as you do.

Not going to happen.