Lasting effects


So when children are separated from their military parent who is deployed overseas this also applies?

People incarcerated are separated from their children, doe it also apply?

Or is this somehow different in your mind???


Gives an idea of the desperation of the circumstances that they are escaping.


Breaking the law has consequences if YOU break the law as a citizen you will be separated from your child , if YOU get deployed when serving YOUR Country you get separated from your child . You do understand this correct ???:roll_eyes:


Yes, and when they are turned back, and denied the opportunity and request to see an immigration judge, then someone else is breaking the law.


In most cases, a foreign-born person who U.S. government officials consider deportable is not sent away from the U.S. immediately, but first allowed a full hearing before an immigration judge. However, there are some circumstances under which the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) can deport a person who has no immigration status, without giving that person any opportunity to see an immigration judge.This can happen within a matter of hours or days. The process, referred to as “expedited removal,” applies to certain individuals encountered by immigration authorities, under the circumstances described below.
Illegals who are attempting to enter the United States at a border or other lawful entry point and people who recently entered the United States unlawfully may be placed into expedited removal proceedings. Before issuing an expedited removal order, an immigration officer must determine that the person is inadmissible to the United States because he or she either:
• lied or misrepresented a material fact, including falsely claiming U.S. citizenship, in obtaining U.S. entry documents or admission, or
• does not have a valid entry document (such as a visa or border crosser card) or travel document (such as a passport).

Expedited removal is most commonly used at designated ports of entry, including airports, sea ports, and land border crossings. If you are seeking admission to the United States at a port of entry and the border agent determines that you do not have valid documents or that you have lied about anything related to your admissibility, the agent will initiate expedited removal proceedings and you will be deported as soon as possible.
If you are issued an expedited removal order, the typical consequence is a five-year ban from reentry (for first time offenders). However, you could be given a ten-year, 20-year, or permanent ban based on circumstance. See “How Long After Deportation Must I Wait Before Returning to the U.S.?” for an explanation of these consequences.
There is no way to appeal an expedited removal order. However, if you believe your expedited removal order is improper (that is, the U.S. government was mistaken as to the legal basis for placing you in expedited removal proceedings), an immigration attorney may be able to help you persuade DHS to reopen your case and reconsider the order.


here in 2018 it’s a matter of VOLUME not human rights. In order to accept refugees it behoves us to shore up the economy, secure the borders and stop the hemorrhaging of illegals over our border so that we CAN continue to be a melding pot. What we SHOULDN’T do is maintain the status quo until it breaks our back and then we’re useless to everybody including ourselves. Sustainability: something the current system has zero of.


Immigration, including illegal immigration has been in decline for quite a few years.




Yeah, time to call for an end to that.


How could you possibly know that about the UNDOCUMENTED?


Estimates in 2015 put the number of unauthorized immigrants at 11 million, representing 3.4% of the total U.S. population.[7] The population of unauthorized immigrants peaked in 2007, when it was at 12.2 million and 4% of the total U.S. population.[7][8] Since the Great Recession, more undocumented immigrants have left the United States than have entered it, and illegal border crossings are at the lowest levels they have been in decades.

And of course the trend has continued under Trump.


its more than 11 million. Read Ann Coulter’s Adios America


Lol, I think we’ll stay with the official numbers until AC produces evidence otherwise.


Her book is filled with sources


she cites litterally every sentence


So does the ADL when they cite evidence that WN crime is up on Jews, but that doesn’t seem to impress anyone either.


Trump supporters have been chasing off the blatant white nationalist crowd from Trump rallies. Not much we can do at public protests…I could show you video if you want.


Ah that ever so unreliable source Wiki.

There is no central database of illegal aliens. Furthermore, the Department of Homeland Security only counts those who enter and leave in a lawful manner. Those who evade immigration authorities or sneak across the border are not counted.

More fake comments from Monte/Stevie/John.


Yeah, it is, particularly when they are in their most desperate situation having escaped persecution, rape and murder at the highest rates in the world, crossing dangerous territory to arrive seeking asylum…


Depends on who you ask…