Lasting effects


Running to the US entering illegally for economic reasons.

And of course breaking the law.

Perhaps deporting both parents with no possibility of return is in order.

Yet the people held breaking the law, putting their children at risk to possibly get a free pass are not held responsible. Nothing but kiddies used as a political weapons by the unscrupulous left.


Literally huh, lol…


Trump, and those that support him, don’t give a damn about that…


FACT : illegal aliens cost U.S. taxpayers more than $100 billion each year. Arizona state treasurer Dean Martin says his state loses between $1.3 billion and $2.5 billion each year on illegal immigrants. In addition to the fiscal costs of incarcerating and educating illegal immigrants and their families. The current population of illegal immigrants will drain nearly $750 billion from taxpayers over their lifetimes — amounting to six times the deportation costs.


And liberals democrat don’t give a dam about the rule of LAW !!! :roll_eyes: