Lawsuit: 100,000 noncitizens registered to vote in Pennsylvania


Lol, what a freakin fantasy.


You posted something I replied to your post about illegals voting. Keep pushing that man. We need the happening.


And you posted something that I replied to. Who the hell do you think you are??


Who do I think I am? Just a man waiting for the happening that leftists like you will cause. Please keep it up. The pot that this country is cooking in is about to boil over. Then the happening. Then DOTR. You will only have yourself to blame. You and your lefty friends.


Why are you reticent to explain what that is? Why be coy, why mention it at all, if you’re unwilling to put it out there. Do you think you’re threatening and scary??? :joy::joy:


No. Nothing to threaten. There are plenty here who know what I’m talking about. Maybe you should school yourself. Don’t want to be unprepared for the happening and the DOTR.


How, if you wingers are keeping it a big secret.


That’s just it. You have to shift your thinking. Once you do that all will be clear. You have been brainwashed by the (((eternal))) and (((crypto))) it’s hard to break free but once you do. There is no going back to the previous way of thinking.


Ok dude, whatever…


So we deport all illegals immediately and you can have your wish.


People post things to you all the time and you pretend they don’t exist, why should wacko give you the time of day???