LEAKED VIDEO: Google Leadership's Dismayed Reaction to Trump Election


I’m afraid that corporations routinely comply with the government in this fashion when it serves some end and sues them when it doesn’t.


Nope. It’s a private business no matter how big or small the company. A baker refusing to bake a cake and Google refusing to put something into their search results is the same thing. You are a biased political hack and a hypocrite. Own it.


I’m sorry, I don’t see it that way, and business size has no bearing on it, IMO.


You don’t see it that way because it doesn’t fit your leftist view. You don’t see it that way because it was anti-Trump and your bias kicked in. Partisan.


Is the CEO of google not white? I don’t even know who he is…


He’s an Indian. One of your precious POCs.


Partisan is not applicable because I’m not a party to any. Sorry. And I already told Scott in this or a different thread that if it can be proven (in court) that google is intentionally manipulating their SE to pop out certain things, then I would support regulation of them like I do other business. But with regards to googles alleged behavior, it’s anonymous and the baker is a targeted bigot. They aren’t the same.


I didn’t know his race or nationality, or what a POC is.


Wrong, it’s not even close to the same thing.


Private companies. They can do what they want Monte. Didn’t you say that about Twitter too on another thread? Make up your damn mind.


It is made up, Twitter and google and Facebook have rules and people get banned for breaking them. Same thing on political forums. But businesses open to the public that refuse to serve people based on sexual orientation gender, and race is bigoted behavior that America has made strides in overcoming even if we do take a step backward now and then as we have with this temporal president.


Tell me this then Monte…is Google not open to the public?


Sure, in a sense. But they have rules to participate and when you join, you agree to follow those rules, and if those rules are violated, then they have the right and obligation to ban their use.


Where are the “rules” to searching for something on Google man. Come on.


This is so dangerous. One company controlling the information on the internet that we use to learn about everything. Schools use it to educate. This is why kids run around with signs promoting fascism and socialism. They are TAUGHT this is good because the internet says so.


So are you supporting regulations, or an alternative to google? And isn’t there already multiple SE’s?


That’s not what I was referring to and you know that…


If there was any doubt that Google has the ability of programming people rather than machines, check out the job they’ve done on their own employees. This is the hive-mind they want for all of us.


Who is they???


You’re telling me that you have posted on this thread 27 times and don’t know who “they” is in relation to my comment?

Guess this will be the last time I respond to you. If you didn’t take the time to watch the video why are you even posting ITT?