LEAKED VIDEO: Google Leadership's Dismayed Reaction to Trump Election


Whose the “they” that have brain washed google employees?


He’s or special little poster here ha


Bull Shit… when the CEO’s personal opinion (I.E. ‘their religious conviction’) translates to policies that service different people in different ways then it is EXACTLY the same. Product is product… and if you believe that it is right for a group of leaders at the top of one company to guide the policy and ethos of a company in a way that shuns one customer/user over another then you should be really upset that the left has been bludgeoning the right with anti discrimination laws and politically correct stances for the last 50 years… and if you believe that a ‘user’ of a product has the ultimate responsibility to decide if the platform or periodical is proper for them, I agree and it think that it is the same for cakes and ethically produced Iphones as well…


Damn, Scott’s Hot under the collar. You have to first prove that google is doing as you say. I’ve heard all the accusations. Sue google, convict them of wrong doing and then let the government regulate them, I’m all for regulation as we’ve discussed multiple times. You…not so much, you think consumers should look out for their own well-being…until you don’t. :rofl::rofl::rofl:


You need to explain that one cause I most definitely haven’t called for regulating anyone… as a matter of fact, I have said that this whole show plays into the hands of the Net Neutrality brigade of which I am sure you are a part. Hot under the collar… no… I just know an unprincipled ideologue when I see one. One day its all about forcing companies into equality positions and the next is… ‘they can do what they want… private company’…


Nope, I’m a proponent of regulation, But I also believe that a private company can have what ever opinion they want. It’s when they cross the line of discrimination based on ones sexual orientation, gender, and race, things that people are born with, that gets people’s ire up.

If you’re not a proponent of regulating google, then I’m not sure what your beef is???


Yeah… notice you through in the ‘sexual orientation’ bit… never part of the law and is most definitely not something someone is born with. Not sure what my beef… for 50 years people have been prevented from doing business based on their own preferences and now it is suppose to be ok?..


Oh yes it most certainly is.


Do you have a complaint about google? And what would you like to see done to satisfy it?


Respect free speech … that a bad thing?


Certainly no known genetic link and it would seem that the trans thing falls into the same realm of thought as a youngster wanting to be a fireman or a ballerina… some grow up to act that fantasy and lets face it, without the aid of modern pharmaceuticals and ever more risky surgery, they wouldn’t be able to play act in anything more than dressup…

It takes a pretty misguided group to persuade, guide and ultimately use an 11 year old child as a poster for a movement… especially when it has everything to do with a persons sexuality… I think the term for that is called… grooming.


But of course this is all off subject… unless Google is subtly pushing the transgender narrative to…


Fine, so what is your complaint about google and what would you like to see as a remedy to it?


Watching delicate losers like this finally learn a life lesson worth learning is satisfying af, on a visceral level.


The social media platforms are exempt from lawsuits as publishers of content because they said that they provide a platform for free speech and don’t regulate content. If they’re only providing a platform for speech with which they agree, then it’s not a free speech platform and the exemption should be removed. That way, truly free speech platforms will be competitive and non-free speech platforms like google can be sued out of existence.


But that’s a big IF. So far all I know is that people have been banned for rules violations.


And they’re complaining that application of the rules is arbitrary and/or partisan.


Well if you were actually objective instead of being oh so partisan on this issue of censorship you will fully understand the bias that is being applied in the enforcement of those rules and as @1ofmany has clearly stated above, when you do that… when you favor one view point over another you become the bias orator simulator to the NYTimes and different rules apply…


I understand that that’s what people are complaining but it needs to be proven.


So I’m not taking a party position. I’ve already told you reapeatedly now that people are banned for violating rules. If you (or someone) can prove it’s something else, say discrimination, then I would think you’re advocating regulating them…right???


Google cries about government bias and political interference when it has more political power than dozens of Senators. I’d like to see how powerful their lobby really is in DC.