Left-wing student organizations receiving a 20 to 1 funding advantage


At the University of Wisconsin-Madison, the vast majority of money allocated to student organizations goes to left-leaning groups, according to Campus Reform.
The higher education watchdog reported that students paid more than $48 million in mandatory fees in 2017, with approximately $1.5 million of that going to student organizations. Left-leaning organizations received 95 percent of that funding, compared to just 4.5 percent for right-leaning groups.
That means each student paid an estimated $7.60 towards leftist causes, and just $0.36 towards conservative groups.


Is there a list of these Leftist organizations?


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One student group, “Sex Out Loud,” received $103,398 in mandatory student fees, while the Campus Women’s Center, which advertises events “dedicated to feminist and social justice causes,” comes with a price tag of $77,163.75.
Sex Out Loud has hosted several provocative events in the past, such as a “condom rose making night,” a “pleasure program,” and another called “tool shed,” which taught students the ins and outs of using sex toys.
Meanwhile, the university’s chapter of MEChA, a radical ethno-nationalist Latino organization, received a cushy $87,247.67.
MEChA chapters across the country have been at the center of several campus controversies, including one instance in which students from the group shut down a classroom talk by an Immigrations and Customs Enforcement representative.
An additional $117,682.33 in mandatory student fees went to diversity-related student organizations, such as the Mixed Race Student Union, the Wisconsin Association of Black Men, and the Madison Association of Turkish Students.
The student group also routinely objects to apparently insensitive Halloween costumes, calling a law enforcement costume “intimidating,” and a construction-themed party “racially insensitive.”
The Chinese Undergraduate Student Association was the recipient of its two largest grants, $10,366.10 for an annual singing competition and $9,077.50 for a dance event. The group states that its goal is to “bring students satisfaction, prosperity, and opportunities that help lead to a triumphant future.”


Out of all allocable fees, $1,195,209.97 goes towards the General Student Services Fund (GSSF), which the student government, Associated Students Madison (ASM), then distributes to larger student organizations.

In total, Campus Reform found that students contributed $291,385.37 to left-leaning student organizations and events in fiscal year 2017, but only $13,727 to right-leaning ones, such as Young Americans for Freedom.


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Mandatory fees coming out of the student’s tuition is bullshit. The student should have a say in where that money goes. It’s not like a deduction coming out of their income tax. This is money coming out of either the students pocket through debt or through the parent’s savings account or the parent’s debt. If the student wants to fund one of these organizations they can. But it shouldn’t be driving up the cost of tuition which is already too damn high.


Fees are close to the cost of tuition.

Its how they give you the facade of tuition isn’t going up.


This should be attached to the Union fees case going to SCOTUS…


An example, Tuition at the University of Colorado last semester was $3,900.00 for 15 credit hours after the $1,800 in state discount. Fees, $4,127.00.

Housing and food, extra.


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This is why we need to start putting our money where our mouths are and support conservative organizations. Like the President said countless times, the system is rigged against us.


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But it does give you something to bitch about.


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