Lefties are Cannibalizing Each Other #ConfrontWhiteWomanhood


Lefties cannibalizing themselves on twitter, feminists are now attacking white women. This fucking hashtag #ConfrontWhiteWomanhood

White women only support feminism because they see it as some self indulgent vehicle for their ambitions. They have no interest in helping colored women or poor women. If you actually read about the history of feminism in America they always treated black women like shit. Also the only reason they wanted the right to vote was because they got butthurt white men let black men have the right to vote before them.

The tides seem to be changing against that rich white lady type of feminism.

The racial and class dynamics of feminism get ignored too much, but they are major fault lines wrought with tension that if exploited would probably destroy feminism even more.


It’s too funny coming from the feminist crowd… To paraphrase what Augry Aunty said: Why is @womensmarch confronting men… Because their men?.. Have you people any ideas how blatantly sexist this is?


It’s the new leftist zombie narrative - attack white women and elevate black women. There is a ton of headlines that came out about it like clockwork, right after the Doug Jones victory over Roy Moore.


Well if that isn’t painfully obvious. They aren’t even trying to hide it anymore.


What is funny here is that it is the white progressive left that used this as some kind of marketing ploy. They decide that everyone not ‘woke’ should be sacrificed… problem is, the people that they ‘woke’ for, are starting to throw them under the bus. Good riddance… because you self loathing whites ARE the problem…


Wow. How do people not find those headlines to be offensive and racist? I thought the left were the experts on all things offensive and racist…maybe they don’t understand what racism actually is because these headlines exemplify it.



I would guess Donna Hylton will be the headliner for this next march.