Leftist Australians prefer Muslims to South African Farmers


Avi Yemeni quizzes Australians on the streets, to ask them would they support the arrival of South African Farmers.
Shocking - leftist Australians prefer Hamaz.


This simply demonstrates the left only cares about genocide and persecution when it happens to blacks and browns ! White South African famers fall to the very bottom of the Worlds list of those needing help or refuge !! Welcoming Muslims is the recipe for conflict and hostility and the slow conversion to crude Islamic ways .


I’m sure we’ll see the flower of that wisdom soon.


Typical response from the uninformed. They respond this way because they take what the mainstream media says at face value. There’s been zero reporting on the white genocide that’s occurring in South Africa. So naturally these Australians think “why do we need South African farmers when there are refugees” not realizing that the refugees are actually economic migrants and the white South African farmers are actually refugees…or at least legally qualify to be refugees.


Wait till the Aussies have 10 thousand Muslims in the country . The government will be building Mosques and let them have Sharia Courts . Laws will be enacted to limit speech criticizing Muslims. It will be an extension of the Mother Country.


White people have lived in South Africa much longer than Negroes. There have been White settlements in South Africa for over 300 years, about the same length of time Europeans have lived in North America. Even 150 years after the first colonies around Capetown, at the beginning of the 19th Century, there still were no Blacks within 500 miles. The Blacks wandered in from central Africa later on, possibly fleeing the slave trade or due to famine. In fact, most of South Africa’s blacks were born in other countries. They are the ones who should be expelled. It’s white land.


The Dingoes are under the spell of the International Jew just like the rest of the Western World. White genocide is the goal.


Australia is saying maybe they’ll take 10k Boers, but they’ll have to take 12k Syrians and Somalis simultaneously to show they’re not racist.

You can’t make this shit up.


What’s screwed up though is that not a single Western country is even talking about taking in South Africans other than Australia. President Trump hasn’t mentioned it one time. Probably because Ivanka hasn’t seen the pictures of the murdered children. Maybe a few can sacrifice their Twitter accounts to make that happen. She needs to go running into daddy’s office crying about the babies…then Trump will talk about it.


And it shows no signs of stopping either. My hope is that at least some of these farmers will make it to Australia and the news media in the country interview them so they can share their story. The normies aren’t getting it.


They are cucking hard. It is ridiculous.


Yep. In the form of roving African and Muslim rape gangs. Our governments have become so weak. So have the majority of our people. The West is in flames.


Our governments are not weak. Don’t make that mistake. They are very strong suppressing free speech and imprisoning people for wrongthink, especially in Great Britain.

Our governments are infiltrated with shapeshifting squatters and represent alien interests.


Good point. They are powerful in terms of the leftist ideology which looks weak to us…but it isn’t. When I think of contemporary strength I look at the governments of Hungary and Poland who are beginning to lead the way for the rest of us.


There is good documentary on Amazon (Agenda-Grinding America is the tile IIRC) It says “communists” are destroying us but that word is interchangeable with the word “jew.” Starting with Marx-Lenin-Frankfurt School-Cultural Marxism-Feminism-Alinsky>>>> more than 90 % of them are jews.


I’m very familiar with the JQ and will definitely be checking this out…the fact that people don’t make the connection between them and all of the bad shit that the push is almost unbelievable.


Fantastic! I myself also am trying to drop info whenever there is just a tiny possibility.



you will enjoy the work of the mythical John Q. Publus on Republic Standard. He’s pretty spicy.


Hahaha… very good headlines and merchandise. I wonder who John Q Publius is? <<<< rhetorical question.
…and the initials of given names! Perfect!


Thanks friend, I’m the editor of that fine magazine, built by @Patriot (he who runs this place). John is an enigma, as he prefers- anonymity is a right we treat seriously. We’ve been running for four months and so far have a history professor, an english professor, an NYC lawyer, a stockbroker and a science teacher writing there, plus others. Submissions are open if you fancy going into print.