Leftist Australians prefer Muslims to South African Farmers


I bookmarked the website for future reference. Thank you for linking it.

When I reply to a post, the person I replied to doesn’t show on the right upper corner of my post. What settings are not checked in my preferences? Previous forums with very similar platform showed the person I replied.
Of course, when I quote it shows.


Hmmm. good question which is beyond my ken to answer. I just edit the magazine, beyond that my status on Freebird is “regular schlub” or “that limey with the face”. Maybe @Patriot can shine a light.


Well, unfortunately we Burgers have less and less chance to call Anglos limeys since the browning rapidly discoloring the island.


My fiancee is Polish, fire away


Polish is good. Nothing’s wrong with that. Good stock.


The Australians have way more than 10,000 muslims right now. As of 2016 statistics, Australia had 604,200 muslims and growing. Two years later, God knows what the figure is! As for mosques, there’s plenty of opposition to the extensive mosque building all over Australia. From the data I have searched, there were 370 mosques in Australia in 2015.


Thank you for the information . Maybe they’ll “Welcome " 500, 000 more Muslims to become like the U.K. with Sharia Courts with rampant violence against the” Infidels" and massive rapes against women .


I doubt it some how :frowning: