Leftist Mob Outside the Home of Tucker Carlson


I was just commenting in a different thread that no matter who is in control of Congress, it won’t be enough for the far left.

They want to shut down free speech, unless of course, it is their own.


Imagine the outrage if a mob of angry people demonstrated outside Chuck or Nancy’s house. The police would be there in a second.


How is this not terrorism? These thugs need to be investigated and prosecuted. Tucker has done nothing to threaten their lives or livelihoods.


Perhaps a new director at the DOJ just might use the thug arm of the Federal Government to send teams into these areas to ‘oversee’ local cops handling of this terrorist incidents as Obama did in Ferguson.


They need a visit from “We Break Knees R Us”



The Simpsons, Mr. Burns : Release The Hounds. - YouTube



I thought their name sounded familiar. “Smash racism” by chasing a Latino out of a restaurant. Sounds about right.

These people are scary. Harassing, frightening and screaming at people simply because they have different political beliefs. Of course, they claim Rs are bigots and racists.

It was racist to not elect Abrams and Gillum, but not racist to not elect John James. All three are black, except the latter is a Republican.

That’s how it works on liberal land.


The right would have people silently picketing on the sidewalk (a public conveyance) outside their homes. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::us:


This is an unfortunate if lovable trait of the right… unfortunately without the mindset that you must fight fire with fire, the right will demonstrate their way right out of a beautiful country.


Every day they show their true colors by 2020 there will be an insurmountable number of patriots out to vote. Let them keep burying themselves.


Yeah, have to get in the mud pit and beat em at there own game.

Don’t like it but sadly they prey on the goodness of man…and woman.

Live and let live is nonexistent with some people.


I’d like to agree with you, but Tuesday’s results had some red flags. The main one was the rust belt was a wipe out, except for Ohio. Scott Walker got more votes losing on Tuesday than he did winning four years earlier. Same for the R candidate running in Michigan.

Yet they both lost, because although R vote was way up, more Dems were out voting too.

Then there is the fact Dems picked up seats in ruby red districts in GA and SC. The races for governor in GA and FL are razor thin, yet the Dem candidates are very far left socialists. Those races shouldn’t be close.

Dems flipped the Nevada seat, probably for good, and McSally could lose the Senate race. Arizona isn’t ruby red any more, but it still leans R, and Simena is a left wing loon.

There is plenty to be concerned about, even though the results on Tuesday could have been a lot worse. Ballots are still being counted in some places, particularly CA, so they will likely pick up more.


I saw young Hispanics voting this time which I haven’t seen before. There were a few in front of me who told the lady at the desk that they were registered to vote by mail but never got the packet so she let them vote anyways “probably for a second time”…


I wouldn’t be surprised if these Anti-Fa people were of my generation, college students. (Of course, not all college students are like this, but I’d be willing to bet that they make up a large part of extremist organizations such as Anti-Fa). Older people, even those who lean left, I would not think in a million years doing the kind of treachery Anti-Fa does.

And if this speculation is true, it’s sad. Because this is the future of the country- it’ll be a one-party system if they cannot learn to at least respect other people’s viewpoints, and stop thinking in black and white terms, as well as learn to compare news sources.

This is pretty scary. The left has gotten way, way out of control. I’m hoping the law puts their foot down and knocks some sense into the left that are doing this and condoning this. This isn’t normal behavior; this is more sociopathic or narcissistic behavior, comparing this to my research and personal experiences. I sincerely hope and pray, that they grow up for the sake of society.


They are “investigating”.


In this case it went far beyond trespassing. The police are investigating it as a hate crime.

As usual it appears they didn’t bother to show up while it was still ongoing.


The Leftists will say Tucker Carlson deserves it for working for Fox News and supports President Trump. I’d like to see them demonstrate outsde Dan Bonginos home. I bet the result would be different. :us::+1:


DC police couldn’t find a donut shop.


More like they couldn’t find their way out of one.


It’s the older teacher/professors that put them up to this kind of behavior. They use their status to manipulate them in doing their dirty work for em.

It’s what I call political molestation.