Leftist pigs!


What are you doing to help the environment?

Pony up, swine!


Whats up? Scared? What are you personally doing to help keep the environment clean?


In all seriousness what have you done to protect the environment?


They rally, protest and even hold marches to shut down industry…then they run out and buy Chinese made crap. :wink:


People need to realize we are one world and Made in the USA is much cleaner for our world.


Kind of ironic isn’t it? They drive out our industry with strict environmental laws so they can’t compete…and then buy if from China where they don’t have our environmental regulations.

And then they expect that we can run fully automated/robotic manufacturing plant off of solar and wind power.


Yeah, it is crazy. The reason we have such a trade issue is because Americans are cheap and will not buy US made stuff. Except me. I am installing a 104K solar system in the next month or so. Just got to get it installed, paid for already.


Going off the grid?

Don’t blame you if you did.


Staying connected for capacitance.


40 panels, 11.6 KW with estimated yearly production of 14,441 kWh.

Panels made in USA.


That should supply your daily needs for the house. I see you have some out buildings.


Under the trees at the right is my small shop. There is a play house and shed back there also.


What kind of a shop?


Building full of LAZERZ!

Did this last night


Nice work…


It is for a local business opening soon. It was a pain in the tail because the wine stained side burnt totally different from a unstained lid.


LOL I bet.

But that’s common even working with same species of word isn’t it?

I don’t do this type of work but I do enough cabinets and furniture work.


I actually got into lasers to remodel the cabinets in the kitchen and I got addicted to them.

CNC, I should have known better.


I hear you, once you start making something and learn to become proficient…you can’t stop. LOL


R&D for life man! Innovate and differentiate.