Lena Dunham Lied About Being a Rape Victim


Lena Dunham may be the first person to fabricate details of her alleged rape, then proclaim all women’s claims need to be believed, and then publicly accuse a young woman of lying about having been raped.

It gets better from there.

I’m pretty sure anyone accused of raping Lena Dunham has a guaranteed insanity plea.


Lena Dunham is a prime example of why we are suppose to follow the mantra ‘Innocent until proven guilty’… Not one the left are particularly interested in if it slows down their ‘progress’…


I finally figured out where I would have liked to see an image of Lena Dunham… on the back of a milk carton. The flaw in this plan is, would anybody miss her?


She is suppose to be in CANADA right now… damn it… Can’t they ever walk the walk?


I don’t have time to watch TV, but I know her ugly mug from all the vulgar retardation she spews from her twinkie hole.

Hope she gets the tar and feather treatment.


That line ONLY applies to the democrats ! :roll_eyes: