Les Wexner top Ohio GOP contributor QUITS PARTY


Leslie Wexner who for years has been Ohio’s wealthiest and most generous contributor to Ohio GOP candidates has announced he is abandoning the GOP.After listening to Barrack Obama make a speech to Ohio voters, leading Ohio GOP contributor to political candidates has decided to abandon the party and become a libertarian.He said that Obamas speech made him realize the GOP no longer stands for the values he wants for our country.He will no longer contribute to GOP political campaigns.


There’s plenty more that know it but lack the stones…


The GOP as it is, is dead. It started dying when we started voting for Obama after seeing the crap that they were pushing. Real Americans built this country we did not BUY this country. Two party system will go to the land of the Dinosaurs and it will be a good thing.


I think it’s important not to be judgmental when people do admit they were wrong and leave the Republican side. It’s hard for me to admit when I have been wrong about something, I’m sure it’s no easier for a long standing Republican realizing their party is corrupted.


Holy shit! That’s HUGE! Google L Brands and see what he owns. He also donated to Kasich’s two campaigns for president. The Ohio State hospital is the Wexner Medical Center. I’m gobsmacked. Woah!!! :dancer: :fireworks: :dancer:


The GOP rolling over so easily for Trump proves it’s not worth saving. Just start a new party called “Rich White People for Ourselves.”


What did Obama do?