Let me get this straight!




And of course the Gun which made a choice to be there as well as fire.


Over the past 35 years, there have been only five cases in which someone ages 18 to 20 used an assault rifle in a mass shooting,” meaning that the most common proposed new gun control measure would have little effect.

Yet here we are today.

The left manipulating children for their purposes while the compliant media reports the story in the most favorable way.

To many of today’s young people are not being taught to see and appreciate what has made the world as good a place as it really is for them. They have no idea who designed the large and complex systems that produce the peace and prosperity they enjoy. They have no idea how those systems work. Clueless as to how much they can foul them up by knocking out pins and levers and constitutional amendments just because they’re angry.


It’s ALL to blame, including the gun lobby. And your hero supports raising the age to purchase any firearm to 21. Now criticize him, see if you have the stones to do so. And worse, that pos thinks there are times when it would be appropriate for cops to ignore due process and confiscate guns. Yeah, that’s the dangerous ignorant fuck that you guys support which makes you enemies of the state and constitution too!!


There is plenty of blame to shove around but none should be pointed at the fire arms industry !


Your op didn’t say anything about the firearms industry, shrug. Nor did I.


including the gun lobby.


Yes, they aren’t a part of the firearms industry, just their pimp.


Way with words ? Yawn :point_right:


Going to start sidlining the gun lobby.


They kowtowed to the the extreme left and the ignorance pushed by the M.S.M !
Politicians after all and they will have to run for office and gun owners vote !


Florida is controled top to bottom by republicans, they have all the power and didn’t have to buckle to anyone.


Wrong again ! Yawn :point_right::weary:


WTF?? The congress is Republican, the senate is Republican and the governor is Republican, shrug.


WTF they split the state !
Your man won the state !
Yawn :point_right:


The state is controlled by republicans who just passed law that hurts your sensibilities I realize.


If we allow confiscation for our right to bear arms, will be the first domino down to initiate a Totalitarian Government, and the final nail in the Coffin of our Constitution. As a US Army 26 year Veteran, i often wonder why have we fought against the evils of Communism, Socialism, and any other Anti-American sediment, only to have the American people vote it into Office and Legal system. It is an proverbial Oxymoron. God Bless America!


But nobody’s suggesting that and that’s not going to happen.


IF is the operative Word here. We know there will be unwanted necessary bloodshed to defend the second Amendment.


You really think so? what do you think is going to happen when they come to confiscate your Guns, do you think American Patriots are going to open their doors, and welcome them in? I don"t think so!