Let me get this straight!


If there was an attempt at physical weapon removal. All of society would break down in less than 30 minutes. They know this.


Monte it is apparent that you are not a Patriot, and should I dare say, anti- american, anti Constitution, Far Left Crazy, that doesn’t appreciate what our country stood and stands for. How can you folks not reasonably think that the Freedoms you enjoy was paid by those that have come before us. I don’t understand the Left, do they want to live a life under Communism with Socialist State controlled authority. You don"t appreciate The American way of life? Then I would recommend you move from our wonderful God Given Country and move to that desired type of Lifestyles you and yours desire. I guarantee, you will be beg to be let back in. I am Anti-, Anti Liberal.


Stick around…this is the tip of the iceberg with Monte. He believes that illegals have a right to take over the US because the US “took” California from Mexico. He’s nuts.


I welcome the challenge


Truth always needs to be presented to either to educate, or dispel Lies or perceived truth. I love debate.


And they will have to run for office and gun owners vote !


I may be naive here, but are you George Soros,?


If we were to return the Southwest it would be to Spain who had ownership for 400 years vs 25 years.

Dolt comes to mind when I thing of a person advocating return of Californicate to Mexico.


You’re paranoid, seek help. But just before you do, please quote for me the politician that has suggested that.


Stick around, the bot thinks that a ship sailed from England in 1620 with a bill of sale for middle North America. :roll_eyes:


Then actually DO IT.


Never paranoid, always ready. If that makes me Sick, then I hope it is contagious. Unlike Liberalism that Science has proven, Liberalism is a Mental, Psychotic, disease. They just suffer with No Common Sense. Hope you get better.


again you didn’t answer the question.


Oh…did you Ask a Question, Sorry I must have missed whatever point you were trying to make, but then again, people such as yourself, literally have no viable point except their own idealogies that they abide by.


Then why are you talking to me?


Great comments maineparsley, like you I’m a retired Army vet (21 yrs) 19D .The Libs won’t eliminate the 2nd Amendment, they will make it ineffective .
Scouts Out


Why are you lying about this??? The only gun legislation passed in a long time just happened in the red state of Florida by a Republican controlled house and senate and a Republican governor. And Obama whom you guys all said was going to take the guns away, took none away, and in fact allowed you to carry them into the national parks and onto the Amtrak trains!!!


I’m not but this is where the trend is going .


What do you mean???


The realty of fire arms confiscation is real and the only people that are standing in front of the puppets left and right are the N.R.A and the citizens that vote the second amendment every election ! Be ever vigilant and make NO compromises the second is a sacred covenant between the founders and the citizens of the Unites States of America !