Lets talk about this... pro's and con's


Don’t be to quick just because it is the infamous 9th circuit but lets talk about it on its merits…


I don’t think this is an intelligent move. Police shootings are not as frequent as the media would like us to think. Police officer have the right to protect themselves and use force to protect the public. We don’t live in Europe and that’s a good thing. I’ve seen countless videos of police forces all over Europe afraid to deal with an armed (knife, club, bat, etc) criminal.


Perhaps it’s time for police officers to just say no and resign.


This is an activist court and a liberal city were talking about here. Intelligence isn’t an issue.


Great move in Seattle. Hers one example of why the 9th is right on this.

On July 1, 2012, Milton Hall, a homeless man with a history of mental illness, stole a cup of coffee from a convenience store in Saginaw, Michigan. The store’s clerk called 911. When an officer arrived, Hall produced a knife with a three-inch blade and threatened her with it. She called for backup and seven other officers soon joined her, one of them with a police dog. They formed an arc around Hall and aimed their firearms—pistols and a rifle—at him. The standoff continued for several minutes, with the officers repeatedly asking Hall to put the knife down and Hall repeatedly refusing. Finally, Hall, still wielding his knife, began to walk toward the police dog and the K9 officer. After he had taken a few steps—three, by my count, as I watch video footage from a patrol car’s dashboard camera and available on YouTube—the officers shot Hall to death in a volley of 47 bullets.


I dare you to go and say that to the family of the first cop that gets killed in the line of duty because of this idiocy.

The 9th Circuit is trying to make the job of being a cop as unappealing as possible. I didn’t think it could get any worse for these brave men and women. It just did.

Back the Blue!


That’s the price you pay for fame bud, don’t know how else to explain it to you. The cops did the right thing.


We should back the blue and rule of law. Things like I described in the example above happen way too often because we have some (emphasis on some!) cops who are far to trigger happy.


No, see, they didn’t do the right thing and it’s that kind of way over the top excessive use of force that sickens so many Americans and leads us to the kind of rulings we just saw out of the 9th.


So advocate for trigger discipline.

Setting something in motion that could disarm police will not keep the public safe.

The 9th circuit should be making it harder for criminals to illegally purchase firearms not for police to use them if necessary.


Trigger discipline too. The example I gave wasn’t so much a criminal as it was a homeless man with mental illness. That situation exists because too many Americans are unwilling to pay the monetary cost of dealing with a societal issue that exists, but would prefer to ignore it as though that may make it go away.


Patriotic Americans in Seattle need to respond to this by exercising their right to open carry everywhere. Open carry is legal in the State of Washington and local laws can’t restrict state law. I’d love to see an open carry rally organized in response to this just to trigger the holy hell out of flaming liberals.


Funny how it seems some second amendment first advocates want it both ways. Guns are readily available in the US, I bought my last one from a neighbor. If you’re going to keep guns freely flowing around the country as they are, how would you propose the ninth circuit keep them out of the hands of criminals?


Actually, he was a criminal.


Yeah, let’s just have everybody open carry. Liberals too. Illegals, the mentally ill, homeless, the guys coming out of the bars every night, the taxi cab driver, the school bus driver, the cops, the judge and the court clerk, the sanitation worker and the soccer mom. Let’s have everybody lock and load and packing wherever they go.


This is where I have trouble with the scenario… I do realize that police are confronted with people who, in many cases, out gun them and any relaxed posture is likely to get a cop killed but in cases like this… the police… several of them knew the threat for several minutes… a tazer or two and a baton on the back of the neck would have put him down without a problem… had he died from the tazers so be it but 47 gun shots… We don’t pay cops to be the jury and a dead suspect doesn’t get much due process…

I remember recently where a guy was shot because he wouldn’t turn around… seems he was deaf…


God damn it!!! I missed the fact that he stole a cup of coffee. They should of dropped the empty clips, reloaded and pumped him with 47 more rounds. Never mind me, carry on.


If someone is legally allowed to possess a firearm then there should be no prohibition on carrying one anywhere and everywhere. If everyone was armed crime would plummet.

Would you get out of hand with a man carrying a gun?

You wouldn’t. You bet your ass that you’d be respectful.

Illegals aren’t allowed to own firearms and wouldn’t be permitted to open carry. Neither are criminals. Outside of that, every single law-abiding red blooded American has the right.


Do you go around stealing coffee? Should the owner of the shop allow people to steal coffee from him? No. The owner did the right thing and the police took the actions they felt were necessary. A crime was committed, commands were not followed, officers were threatened with a weapon. What am I missing.

I think I got it, they didn’t perform a mental health diagnosis on the man before they got to the scene of the crime. That’s it…right?


I agree… that is the ultimate solution to the problem… a professional using the tools of the job appropriately and professionally. While I think that the police have an exceedingly tough job, they aren’t prosecutors or executioners. This law is the wrong way to fix this problem but somewhere in the code of conduct it should say that if your life really isn’t in danger… as with a 3" blade knife surrounded by cops… you don’t need to discharge a lethal round… you just don’t need to.