LGBT Groups Now Supporting Gun Rights and Ownership


Well isn’t this just interesting. When LGBT groups are targeted and killed by a Muslim terrorist on American soil, they react with sensibility and begin purchasing firearms and taking classes on how to use them in a number of different scenarios. I knew this was going to happen. Liberals can’t explain this away either, their darling LGBT community is rallying behind the 2nd Amendment.

In the days after 49 people were fatally shot at the Pulse gay nightclub in Orlando, Fla., this summer, Fischer wanted to do something to make his community safer. So he started the West Hollywood chapter of the Pink Pistols — a loosely organized, national LGBT gun group.

“If someone was to try and break into my home, and especially if someone were armed, I don’t want to fight back with a kitchen knife,” Fischer said. “And I don’t think that’s extremist or crazy.”


The illiberal left are none to happy about this coup d’etat either…


Could this be a case of pistol envy?


no one does not support gun ownership.

what we have a problem with and you should to is the background check loophole.

and you cant even agree to close that!

ridiculous. please stop making things up.


Summary(A long read with boring facts)

Persistent claims have been made that expanding background checks to include any private transfers of guns would reduce mass public shootings. Yet, this is the first study to systematically look to see if that is true. In fact there is no evidence that these laws reduce the risk of these attacks. Examining all 47 mass public shootings in the US from 2000 through 2015, we find that states adopting additional background checks on private transfers see a statistically significant increase in the rate of killings (80% higher) and injuries (101%) from mass public shootings. There is not one mass public shooting that occurred over that period that these checks would have been prevented.

I know that nothing ever posted here passes your legitimacy test unless it supports your position but the fact is… well, you know what the facts are…


might have stopped the SC murders Scott. had the FBI been able to wait to see the killer had a pending felony case.

how much are 9 lives worth to you, Scott?

to make someone wait a couple weeks for their freaking GUN?