Liberal CEO Tim Cook Required by Apple to Fly only by Private Jet


Remember this the next time this asshole decides to lecture us about climate change. Also, take a look at his personal security detail expenses. Tim Cook hates the right to bear arms so much he has to pay $224,216 to have a small army of armed personal bodyguards.

Apple’s chief executive Tim Cook has been ordered by the firm to use only private jets for both business and personal transport.

In documents filed with the US markets regulator, Apple said the policy was “in the interests of security and efficiency”.

Apple reported that Mr Cook’s personal travel expenses came to $93,109 (£69,253) in 2017.

His personal security expenses came to $224,216, the tech giant added.

In 2017, the chief executive’s salary was just over $3m. He also received $9.3m in bonuses, plus $89m of shares that were promised to him if he met certain targets.

Apple’s market capitalisation rose to $868bn in November, making it the world’s most valuable publicly-traded company.

The tech giant has suffered controversy recently.

On 21 December, Apple was forced to admit that it had been deliberately slowing down ageing iPhones to help manage performance issues caused by their batteries wearing out.

The firm is being sued in eight separate cases in the US over the matter, as well as facing legal action in Israel and France.

And in November, Apple was forced to push out an update to fix a major security hole in its Mac operating system that made it possible to gain entry to a Mac without a password, and also have access to powerful administrator rights.


Pretty funny isn’t it.

Apple is so concerned about older equipment they want to slow it down so the battery lasts longer.

A stretch at best isn’t it.


Not only must he fly on private jets but he got a 74% bonus increase after intentionally bricking phones that were a year old. I hope he enjoys that bonus cash. People are leaving Apple in droves over that.


Quite a change from Steve Jobs who only accepted a buck a year for pay.

From 1997 until his death, Steve Jobs took home just $1 a year in salary, and most years he collected no bonus. Just $1.

That is, except for 2001, when the company came through with a whopper of an executive bonus: It spent $90 million to buy Jobs a Gulfstream V airplane. Since then, Apple had been reimbursing Jobs’ air travel expenses, which totalled $248,000 last year.