Liberal Dominated California to Award $30 Million to DACA Students


I’m guessing that is how they keep the welfare rolls low… housing is just too damned expensive so people become homeless, have no address and therefore are ineligible for welfare… sounds like how the Federal government massages the cost of living index…


And you consider this a well thought out intelligent response? You do not understand ACA or DACA. Anything else you’d like weigh in on so I know not to bother interacting with you on those topics as well?


They are ILLEGALS WTF is there to understand ? Send them back to their shithole Country we have enough freeloaders and law breakers !


Wow, such hatred!!! Hispanics were living in California when Thomas Jefferson commissioned the Corp of Discovery to travel to the Pacific Ocean and see what we could pilfer!!!


Yes and of course Hispanics and Latinos are indigenous to the Americas… and the Comanche, Apache and Cherokee never conquered, and enslaved less assertive or prepared Indian nations … of course DNA studies shows that 5% percent of the world population is a relative of Kahn. History happened the first time one cave man walked into another ones cave…


There’s also been a fair amount of hatred against whites who had nothing to do with Thomas Jefferson’s Corp of Discovery, or anything else that far back in the past.


Some people think that two wrongs make a right. The thing that’s particularly egregious with the United States of America is that we masquerade as a country driven by faith, principles, values and the promoter of democracy, but in fact we spend more money than any other country in the world on occupying armies (140) countries now, and destroying life and property, endlessly. We have in big part a war driven economy which Eisenhower did warn would destroy us. Our CIA has been used to topple a dozen democratically elected governments in Latin America replacing them with right wing dictators. We most recently supported a coup in Ukraine that toppled that countries democratically elected government. We’ve destroyed the Middle East by regime changing Hussein, Mubarak, Gaddafi and Assad, which has resulted in the deaths of several million civilian citizens in the ME. The United States of America is heading the way of every empire that’s gone before it.


All of this crowing by fired up and feddo, and Jackynd10 is expected. The lies about this being done for altruistic reasons are just that- huge lies.

I personally don’t care either way about DACA; I am concerned about the greater treason the left is pursuing.

The Dems want amnesty, and eventually may get it when they hold power. They want amnesty not out of the goodness of their Godless, soulless, hearts, but because a new voting bloc of 11-15 million La Raza fans would ensure a de facto one party rule for decades, and a slide into socialism.

As to CA, we left this year due to the decay of the state, and the coming Illinois effect of an unfunded pension debt four times the total annual revenue of the state. Liberals don’t care because liberals don’t pay- fleas don’t care that the dog suffers.


They claim everybody’s racist for wanting to enforce our laws, but they had plenty of time to give dreamers amnesty. They are full of shit.