Limbaugh opposes good health


As I’m sure many of you know that Rush Limbaugh is totally against a national healthcare program. Of course he would be because the scumbag only cares for himself.

Limbaugh has portrayed himself as a great American ,but this does not extend any further than what is good for his own sordid career.
He has never uttered a word to benefit the veterans or our armed forces even though he made a fortune while broadcasting to military personnel in Afghanistan and in Iraq,. Bleeding and dying everyday fighting in a useless war that Limbaugh promoted and was duly compensated by the Administration.
Limbaugh never has anything good to say about the American worker without whom Limbaugh would not have much of a career.
Who buys all the garbage you hear being sold on his show for idiots. All the dumbed down workers in America who cannot understand what a miserable SOB Limbaugh is.


Free healthcare is slavery, how to you force a doctor to work? With whips and chains? Scary


You really should go to school and learn something about the world. Or are you happy remaining a GED drop out?


Lol it’s a government mandate. A law. It means it forces people to work at low wages.


This is a troll spamming Limbaugh thread. Ignore this bait.