Limbaugh plays the race card


Limbaugh knows nothing about the immigration problem we face but effectively uses this issue to enhance his ratings. Limbaugh knows how to whip up racist feelings and anti Mexican sentiment . The truth is that Limbaugh has a long history advocating racism in America and in fact his entire career has been based on exactly that and little more.
Remember Limbaugh is from Cape Girardeau MO. which was and still is a vibrant KLAN community. Blacks and Browns in America was always a popular pastime subject of conversation in the Limbaugh household and this affected Limbaugh’s early years.

Trump Supporters

Knows more then you lol and I live in the inner city of Boston, rush is on the right path with his observations


Limbaugh is good at deceiving the American people. That’s not hard to do and you’re the best evidence


This is just how you feel. Please provide concrete examples.


Actually wintness to what he’s talking about is a testament. Sit down listen and learn


You are not required to listen to Rush. If you don’t like what he says, who he is, or where he comes from then just turn the dial. What’s the obsession? Did you apply for a job with Rush and not get it?


Limbaugh routinely mocks Blacks and Hispanics. Recently he’s started to attack Ocasio Cortez ,portraying her as a know nothing. He does this in addition by mocking a Hispanic speaker, but Alejandria does not speak with a discerning accent. This is just the tip of the iceberg . Limbaugh has a long history of racism that goes back to his early childhood living in Cape Girardeau MO.


He says white Democrats know nothing either… why can’t you treat people of color equal?


Rush Limbaugh is a war criminal who promoted the useless war in Iraq which cost many thousands of American lives not to mention about a trillion dollars.


I think he’s a disgruntled first time caller to the show that got rejected…:laughing::laughing:


Back in the day I remember driving around Houston and seeing all these ‘Rush Is Right’ bumper stickers. That was truly a great time for America.


Trust me that’s not the case. I know Mr. Limbaugh and I know a good deal about his early childhood where he became exposed to hatred of Blacks. … The Limbaugh family had about 2 shoeboxes of photos and other memorabilla depicting the lynching of Negroes . … During the Thanksgiving and Christmas holiday feasts at the Limbaugh house , After a heavy dinner of Turkey, mashed potatoes and sweet potatoes cranberry ,sweet corn on the cob and plenty of stuffing ,the family and friends would head on over to the large family room where Limbaugh]s dad would bring out the shoeboxes and would pass around postcards and photos of negroes hanging from trees and lamppost in MO and other places in the south and Midwest. Limbaugh was raised in this environment.


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This graph shows how it goes every time. Whitey comes, braves the wilderness, builds a functioning society. Then the hordes come and eat all the fruits of their labor.


Conflating her severe lack of knowledge with her race. Do you have anything else but blatant race baiting?


Recently, this savior of the Democrat/Socialist movement proved herself to be a know-nothing when presented with questions from interviewers on live TV.

Talk about a deer in the headlights!

She reminds me of Sergeant Schultz…


At least she knows that she know nothing now, when invited to debate Ben Shapiro. Tho as much as I love to see her being intellectually pummeled in such debate, it’s more advantageous for the President when she gains more political “assets” and bubbles up, only to be popped later in 2020, just like Bernie Sanders.