Lindsey Graham to the ‘Radical Left’: ‘You Can Kiss My A**’


better late than never.

i am reminded of the frog in the gradually heated (to boiling) w ater… Can u imagine being in Congress? OMG! having to listen to libs all the liv-long day?

i pity the guy… and all the other Rs… not to the point that I withhold all anger and disappointment, but w hatever…


He might have been amazed by the bad faith work of democrats and it raised his anger but I’m still not completely convinced that he still isn’t caucusing with the never trump crowd… We while see which direction his mouth and his support for immigration take him…


i doubt he is antiTrump

but who knows…


More Republicans need to have the courage to stand up like Lindsey is!


Slight correction:

More Republicans need to have the courage to stand up like Lindsey finally is… But I understand what you mean.


He learned that Progs will use our fairness as a trap to entrap us, will use Christian principles as a club to beat Christians with, and will use our tolerance as a funnel to pour more and more of their own intolerance down our throats.

Such is the operational employment of rule 4 in Hillary’s mentor’s book “Rules for Radicals”, literally dedicated by Alinsky to the Prog god, Lucifer. 4) “Make the enemy live up to its own book of rules.”

The gloves had to come off.


exactly. Well, we (via Fox News and etc) are now making THEM live up to their (long-gone, admittedly) “principles”… which is no easy task considering they have none…

but you know… they claim to be behind the #metoo thing… ha ha…

and they ARE

they really do believe that women should be listened to…

(if she is a Dem and the accused a R…)


A blue ripple. At best.


I think what happened at the Kavanaugh hearings was his last straw. The left i showed no decorum or respect for the rules of the committee.

I think he finally realized that these folks on the far left are too dangerous to not be confronted on their agenda and the their ideals pose to our country.


Yet people will likely vote for democrats in the election and likely put democrats in control of the House. We have hit a new low in this country.


Frog… it’s a useful metaphor but…is of debatable veracity.


I never liked Graham and here now…I find myself applauding him.


Hello Smyrna.

I see you made it here.


It is truly an odd feeling isn’t it?


It was a complete surprise, so out of character.

I understand his aggravation after supporting Obama’s 2 activist appointments only to see the left try and derail the nomination of Kavanaugh.


yeh, that ought to teach ALL Republicans that appeasing the enemy does not make enemy turn into friend…

that only works in fairy tales, i believe


I never liked him, either. I do like him now. He stood up and showed some spine when others are still trying to pander. I think he realized that the the rules have drastically changed. Civility used to be a useful means to communicate and reach compromise.


Yup, I thing the rose colored glasses are showing some cracks.


The hatred of Trump is blinding. This election has become about not voting for the candidate who is best for your State, but a vote against Trump.

Here in Florida we have Gillum under FBI investigation running neck in neck with a veteran, JAG Prosecutor, Yale and Harvard Law School graduate. :roll_eyes:

We have a roaring economy, jobs are back and Americans have some hope for their future. But, that doesn’t matter. What does matter is globalism, taking care of immigrants when we can’t even adequately take care of our own and socialism. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


I liked him before I didn’t like him. But now that he has seen the light, I’m hoping to like him again. Just not sure he knows how to win against progs… his newfound enlightenment notwithstanding.