Lindsey Graham to the ‘Radical Left’: ‘You Can Kiss My A**’


Yeah…DMK gave me a head up and I thought I’d come say “hey”. Thank you for the “hey”.


should be shattered beyond recognition at ths point


and being a thug

(toward those who don’t think like u)


who are you referring to?


Senator Lindsey Graham



the left can kiss mine as well… except I don’t want them anywhere near any part of me :open_mouth:


The sad thing about this election people voted against Trump who wasn’t;t on the ballot. Not the best person, not the most qualified person but against Trump.

The new low we have reached.


yeh, really stupid… but we can blame cnnsocks

it’s a wonder (maybe) as many Rs won as did…

all things considered


Look at Obama’s mid terms in comparison, they were true disasters.


yeh, he lost 69, i have heard
63 in the H
6 in the senate

we be good! :slight_smile:


There’s also the possibility that he’s acting tuff now because he plans on running for president…


He has as much of a chance as did Romney or McCain.


does the Consittituion address running non-consecutively for p res?


It is not the Constitution that deals with the limitation of a two term president but legislation after FDR. The Constitution holds no limitations to the number of terms anyone can be reelected.