Lindsey Vonn Insults Trump and Refuses to Represent US in Olympics then Blows Her Back Out at World Cup


The Trump Curse is Real #Winning

Trump-hating ingrate Lindsey Vonn said she wouldn’t visit the White House if she was invited after winning at the Olympics.

Then drops like a bag of potatoes at the finish line with a back injury.


A B-list loudmouth liberal athlete just got a broken back to make her humble.

Let this be a warning to the rest of you B and C-list celebrities to watch your fucking mouths.


She has a problem with Trump but had no problem mudsharking it with Tiger Woods as a side piece for three years while he abandoned his wife and children.



Lindsey Vonn, if you change your mind, I think The White House visitor’s tour has a wheelchair ramp.


I won’t be representing the US president at the Olympics

Yeah, because you won’t be there.


Perhaps someone should tell Ms. Vonn that she represents her country not the president.


Just another" black" that has it so dam bad . :roll_eyes:


Add it to the list


Don’t you just love it when Karma kicks in?

I hope that Lindsey Vonn feels a profound sense of embarrassment and regret for putting herself in the spotlight like that and having reality come bite her in the ass.

This won’t change your stop anything, although you think people might start thinking about the consequences of their words before they decide to run their mouth.

Now the entire internet is crashing down on Lindsey Vonn’s head. Good. She deserves it.


Lol, looks like the Trumpistas have been eating at the Fox trough.


I guess you didn’t take a look at the infographic @supperhey posted.


That would be no…


Vonn, who like so many other athletes, actors and actresses fell into the trap of erasing half of their followers. Some advice, you have a lot to lose. When asked a political question just answer that that is political and you prefer to keep those opinions to yourself.


You don’t seem to feel that way when it’s a karma that runs counter to your interests lol.


8 years of Obama caused a lot of pain. But when life gives you lemons, you make lemonade. That’s why we turned the whole country red and elected President Trump. Now we get to enjoy liberal tears every day of the week. Your posts are particularly salty. LOL!


The TIC’s setting at 32% job approval rating, :joy::joy: this is an anomaly that won’t last long.


7 more years. But this thread is about Lindsey Vonn. The crybaby whose back got BTFO after acting like a jackass.


I year later, your still whining.
Year 2, any day now.
Year 3, Mueller’s almost got him.
Year 4 the day is near.

What a load of BS.


Rare photo of Al Franken tending to Lindsey Vonn’s back.