Lindsey Vonn Insults Trump and Refuses to Represent US in Olympics then Blows Her Back Out at World Cup


Ill trade that for my semi-rare pepe



Superstitious are you. :joy::joy::joy::joy:


Lindsey can consult with Tigers back doctor. Small world.


But this thread is about Lindsey Vonn

As always trying to redirect another topic.

Wha no rant about military spending or Trump???


Lol, it’s HILLARIOUS that this board actually thinks that there’s a connection between Vonns opinions of the TIC and her failing back, snicker.


Justice served!!!


Minor injury, she’ll be at the next qualifying. And…

“The point that I was trying to articulate is that all Olympic athletes represent their nation as a whole, and are not representatives of their government or any specific political figure or party. None of us work tirelessly for years on end to compete in the Olympics on behalf of Democrats or Republicans.”


And she didn’t say she didn’t want to represent the US as the op implies.


She is trash plain and simple !