LIVE FEED: The Way Forward #3 with Nissar Hussain, Nick Rider and Ash Sharp


Join @Ash_Sharp a fellow community member and the editor of our official publication: Republic Standard.

Programme Notes and Links
The Way Forward #3 with Nisar Hussain, Nick Rider and Ash Sharp on Sunday February 11th at 7 pm GMT


I’m feeling British through osmosis listening.


It’s good having someone who is an ex-Muslim provide their perspective. Probably makes him a target with his former community.


This is a great discussion. Learning a ton about how much Islam is impacting UK culture and politics.


He’s been on the run for years. Awful story.


People like to larp about having an ethno-state but when you hear a story like this from Nisar you quickly realize that it’s about bringing down Western society and tearing down Christianity. They go after the people they view as traitors and in this case, apostates.


Reagan re-awaked the American spirt which had been beaten down by leftists and their cultural marxist degeneracy of the 1960’s and 70’s. It wasn’t just Christians who carried him.


I think that’s right to a point, but it was a foundational Christian message of American manifest destiny.


The burka should be banned, no question.


Great point @Ash_Sharp all across Western society the laws are not equal. There are special classes and then there is everyone else.


It’s Muslims and then everyone else. No different anywhere across the West.


No, but it was a decisive factor in many counties. Pre-80s the fundies didn’t vote.


I like this Nissar guy. He gets it. I also think it’s interesting that the only time a Muslim speaks out is after they’ve left Islam. That’s exactly how cults operate.


I’m almost surprised that Nissar has remained a Christian. Islam would gladly welcome him back with open arms. His fellow Christians kick him to the curb.


Good lay down @Ash_Sharp


Apostasy is death, in almost all cases.


Damn - need more lead time on these live streams. I just signed in and it’s wrapping up.


We will do a better job in the future announcing these in advance to maximize community participation. Excellent point.


It’s not the same as live but they are going to post the recoding so people can watch it. I’m in the same boat, I just got the email summary that said it was going on.


The video will be published on Simon’s Channel later/tomorrow