LIVE HEARING: FBI Deputy Assistant Director Peter Strzok Accused Of Anti-Trump Bias


You guys are slacking today. No live threads? Really? Get in here! This idiot is still testifying and the Democrats are falling all over themselves to protect him.


I am watching it on C-SPAN3. They are taking a break to go vote, but will continue into the evening.


Break? Raskin is still virtue signalling right now.


How many times have these fuckers said “Kangaroo court and this council hearing is a circus” I swear they have said that like a dozen times today.


You’re right. They have switched to C-SPAN2.


What I don’t get is that Strzok can’t recall a damn thing that matters, but is supposed to be in charge of all.of these investigations. If his memory is so shit why was he running any investigations. Why is he even an FBI agent?


This guy is such a smug asshole.


10 hours…and it is finally over.


It’s called selective memory disorder.

Often happens when a person is at risk for criminal acts.

However lies don’t count as he’s a democrat.


LOL, they will get absolutely no where with this guy as the Dem’s are running cover for the FBI and the FBI is covering their wayward employee.


And to think we as tax payers pay this slime ball.


What is unusual about selective memory disorder. Nearly every person that goes before an investigative committee has SMD. Is anyone really surprised or shocked???
Strozk is a smug, arrogant anal orifice who I wouldn’t trust as far as I could throw the White House. It probably wouldn’t bother him if he went to prison. Hillary and Tom Perez would visit him
Just like others who are questioned by House committees, they could care less how guilty they look . What can the average person do to them. . :fu:t6:


They’re using this hearing to get information on the Mueller investigation. They are pressing Strzok and Page because they’re scared.


When we win, do not forget that these people want you broke, dead, your kids raped and brainwashed, and they think its funny.


Everybody wondered the same thing about Reagan when he couldn’t seem to recall anything when he was called to testify, and he was running the country…


Looks like it was another big bag of nothing. When are we actually going to catch these commies doing something that we can really pin them with?


The Peter Strzok flogging didn’t gone as well as they’d liked. Strzok’s reminder that when someone reveals themselves to be a contemptible piece of shit by insulting Gold Star Parents, has huge mass and gravity. The contrast between Strzok and the pissants who called the hearing is about as wide as I’ve seen in a while.


Perhaps you can savory this as a victory as you were so disappointed in Hillary’s performance.

A shame the FBI and DOJ ran interference for him as the country deserved answers to questions that will remain unanswered for now.

Always remember the actions of the left as the divide continues to grow in this once great country now a mere shadow of it’s past greatness where people were once honorable and liars like Peter were punished. The left has allowed the deep state to remain in power for now.


Yeah, I didn’t get to watch the entire marathon testimony, but from some of the highlights that I saw the level of grandstanding was over the top on both sides. The Democrats though were disruptive and disrespectful to the process.


The fact that Peter Strozk is still walking the streets is proof that our government and legal system is completely broken. No matter who we elect it’s never going to get fixed. The corruption is too much for any one president to handle. The only real option is to start over.