Login Errors


To all of our impacted members,

I want to apologize for any login errors that you may have experienced within the past 48 hours. In a nutshell we began implementing some advanced backend security features on our server and ended up making things difficult for several of our new users.

Our primary goal was to make our site more secure to protect against spammers and DDOS attacks, which have been on the increase.

Our secondary goal was to completely mask user identies to increase privacy while simultaneously eliminating access from email domains and IP addresses that are known to be problematic. We also moved all user related databases to one of our secure servers in Iceland to eliminate the possibility of snooping while providing an extra degree of legal protection should anyone question the content on this site.

While we were successful in performing the heavy lifting of these measures without the need to take the site down, we realized from our server error logs that a few wires got crossed in the process. This error was completely on us.

All impacted users have received a personal notification. The error has been corrected. Our backend firewall is in place and your IP related data is secured at a level that would make any major financial institution jealous.

Murphy’s Law is generally spot on so we apologize for any degradation in service that may have been encountered n the past 48 hours while trying to improve our security and stability.

The errors would have resulted in not being able to log in to the site to “page not found” errors while trying to access from the emailed digest.

All is well now and thanks for sticking with us and supporting the community as we continue to grow.