London is embarrassing


Man, I live in London and I have to say I’m so embarrassed. There was a time when this city held a political elite and a reputation for liberty, democracy and discussion. But these protest are nothing to do with those values, placards displaying childish insults, death threats and calling for Trump and his supporters to be hung. I’m a political zero, dead centre, straight down the middle and I’m disgusted at how far London seems to have fallen down the evolutionary scale. What happened?!


Unrestrained immigration and no laws that protect free speech.


We have the laws hence why all of this crap is happening!


You don’t have freedom of speech over there! If you did, people wouldn’t be arrested for criticizing Islam or criticizing the grooming (rape) gangs that run rampant kidnapping and raping your little girls.


Dude we have an entire stadium available for JB Peterson to come over and do just that…


You need to talk to @Ash_Sharp. I’m one of his biggest criticizers here but damn…don’t be fooled. You are effectively living with a boot on the neck.


Really, how many people (if you know) are participating in that nonsense?


As an Irishman I’ve gotta say I’ve never experienced it. I mean, you can head on down to speakers corner and pretty much say what you like… The problem here is our politicians are career MPs and have no idea what Its like living on the breadline. Unfortunately it’s a case of who shouts the loudest gets listened to, the very large silent majority of Britain go unheard! I think it’s only a matter of time. Brexit was step one, if they even get that right!


You may find this interesting…


Ah Douglas Murray a paragon of logic in these troubling times, I’m yet tonfind anything I disagree with in what he says. Sadly I think hes right, civil war is on the horizon.


Open borders attract the worst of the worst , just look at what’s happening there now !!! WTF


When did British people decide to genocide themselves and why?




Nobody decided anything, in 1997 Labour took power allowed uncontrolled immigration, sold all our gold reserves, and borrowed a fuck tonne of money we are only just starting to pay back.


Oh good lord. And every one of you guys that keep saying that are relishing the moment. Oiling your guns every night. Got your ammo cans out on the floor in front of the tely. :roll_eyes:


London is part of the UK which is part of the EU! Today I learned that our esteemed Union’s official motto is “United in Diversity!” How cool is that!? It even says on the official website how all the different cultures that come here help enrich our lives as :man_with_turban:Europeans. I’ve never been more proud to be a :man_with_turban:European!


There is the possibility of a revolutionary wave that sweeps enough countries to eliminate the threat of foreign powers. This actually almost happened when Bavaria rose up after the Russian revolution and set up the Bavarian SR but it eventually fell to the freikorps. The success of Austrian and German revolutions is something the Russians were very hopeful for but sadly didn’t develop.


Hey brother, Murray is indeed awesome, but that wasn’t by him. It was by me.

Here’s another one.


It’s very interesting and incredibly worrying stuff. But what can be done? What’s going to ignite the tinderbox?? @Ash_Sharp


Yeah there are no guns to oil in the UK, all you have to is look at historical facts and what happens following oppression @Montecresto1