London is embarrassing


So you think your being oppressed, and so much so that there’s going to be a civil war? And if you really don’t have guns, what will you be fighting this civil war with?


Personally, I lost all faith in Britain upon discovering that episodes of Fawlty Towers are being censored by the BBC. For instance, if you were to catch a rerun of the first episode of the second season (“Communication Problems”), you would not see the hilarious discussion between Basil and the Major, where the latter clarifies the difference between niggers and wogs.

In this day and age, this is as close as it gets to sacrilege.


Probably because decent people have expunged the word from their vocabulary.


If so-called decent people are required to censor old television shows because these don’t conform to supposed modern standards, and if so-called decent people must be incapable of distinguishing between different contexts in which words are used, then I should like to request a first-class ticket to Deplorable Island, please.


No no, no so called. Decent, it’s called progress to dispense with old offenses, and to treat all people with respect.


I’m sorry, I’m not the ticketing agent.


If you really want to know, begin here.


You can own a shotgun or rifle after applying for a licence and meeting some pretty stringent conditions, no pistols. You seem to have a really simple perspective so I’ll give you a recent example, the Easter rising, if you don’t know what that is, research it. It serves as a good example of an unarmed populace arming themselves.


Having guns in the UK, would be a fine thing, if that were possible. But it’s not, unless you’re a drug gang or something. Us Brits will have to use our imagination, when it comes to weapons… A starting point for me was a 10,000 lumen flash light, to blind any aggressor.


The Easter Rising could not replicate itself in the UK today for a number of reasons…
Firstly, government intelligence is significantly better than it was back in the early part of the last century. Secondly, modern technology and surveillance are the most prolific in the world and thirdly the EU Army (remember them?) would be brought in, to assist the British forces if necessary. Why do you think T May is so hell bent on staying in the EU? - safety in numbers, as far as they’re concerned.
Yes we will have to fight, or either that, become refugees ourselves.


Is your entire country under a constant state of surveillance with CCTV or is that just London?


The major cities probably but the town’s and country less so. London most certainly is.


Ha, there you go…


Bingo. Same here. We were informed back in 1976 at the conclusion of the Church Committee’s investigation into government over reach that the government had developed a technology to monitor all communications. So effectively that if it was to become tyrannical, that no attempt by citizens to meet in private to form any sort of resistance would be successful. And that was 42 years ago. :flushed:


Seems like from what I’m hearing (and even after Trump beat up on her a little) Trump seemed to agree that the nuts and bolts isn’t an easy job to actually do it. It cannot be easily done and will require thoughtful planning and execution, not a willy nilly knee jerk to avoid chaos and financial hardship to the country???


It’s not just CCTV…


This is just another demonstration of socialist global doctrine open borders disarmed lawful populations with limits on free speech !


The UK is the must digitally surveilled state on earth.


That article was from 4 years ago. Look at how far technology has advanced just since 2014. I’m sure what they have now is even more sophisticated…yet somehow the Muslim rape gangs still manage to prowl the streets uninterrupted.


Think about better than a century of British interference and exploitation in the ME. Not an excuse, but the reality of consequences. Whether you accept that or not. You don’t see this shit in Chile or Switzerland. It’s a problem predominantly in the countries that have participated in one fashion or another in the exploitation of Muslim countries.