Lorretta Lynch....Part of the Secret Society?


What do you think??


Sounds like to me she’s talking about jughead obamas “policies” and goals.


All of these post election videos can be tied right back to to their #Resistance corruption and secret movement.

“Ordinary people…they’ve marched, they’ve bled, and yes some of them have died”

“We have done this before and we can do this again”

Brought to you by a true deep state shill.


There is no secret society!!!


Maybe it’s not much of a secret. We’ve known for years that the Democrats use the government as their own personal army against conservatives.


Is that because Morning “Murderer” Joe Scarborough said that?


It’s a myth floated by republicans to distract people from the big story, 20 WH staffers have been interrogated by Mueller as he’s closing in on the TIC.


^^^ Is this another one of those “undisclosed source” things that regressives never can prove but keep posting anyway because they don’t deal in facts, proof and evidence?


She is a big part of it. Must have the law in your pocket she sealed the deal.


Is Mueller interviewing them together and not under oath- considering how the FBI treated HRC, it’s only fair…


We’ve never had such a moron in the White House before. So, let’s see what measures Mueller has to take.


Monte,before you continue to smear President Trump, remember,the voters have spoken and he won the election fair and square without rigging the Primary like HRC.
We all know Loretta Lynch and WJC only talked about Golf on the tarmac. HRC and her cronies lost the election because of Overconfidence and were out campaigned in the Industrial Belt. She thought these so-called Deplorables were beneath her.
Get over it!!!You may not like him but he will be President for at least 3yrs and hopefully 4 more after that.


Just a pack of treasonous lefties that want to ruin the Country ! shrug


I can’t agree with that. Had Obama been objective about that, he’d have fired Lynch!


That will be defined at the conclusion of Muellers investigation. But even republicans acknowledge that the Russians interfered in our election process.


So he’s above reproach or criticism? We all complained about Obama the whole eight years he was president. What’s the difference?


Bald faced lie. Delivered by a shill.


The difference is jughead aint president and we are restoring the country in spite of treasonous scum.


i’m ah sensing… that you really didn’t want to address the question asked…


Real criticism is cool…

That is pure subjective BS… but the again most comments you make about the president show much more disdain than objectivity…